D.O.A (Dead Or Alive) – HIGH4

This has to be HIGH4’s best song to date. To me, this song represents the band really well. To me, this song is like a throwback to the Golden Ages of KPOP, but there is also a very evident modern twist to the song. The song starts off with chilling and emotional vocals, and then launching straight into the typical club beat instrumental and powerful wrapping. Then the vocals are back, but are changed to fit in with dark and dubstep-like instrumental that emerges after a while. My explanation here is not that accurate, so give the song a try. Their past songs have been very formulated, but this song have those aspect of changes that I actually think did the song pretty well. My number 1 complaint is the song is quite short, even though it is nearly 3:30 minutes long. I am totally liking this song.

The music video fit in well with the dark vibe that the song has going for. Beside that, there really is nothing to talk about. The music video is quite dark and seeing them wearing white at the end gives off a nice contrast with the video. But literally, the music video consist of dance scenes, close-ups and close-ups of the members singing and rapping. That has to be a disappointment.

Dance was not impressive. I have to be honest, the live performances were boring. I was watching them more to just listen to the song rather than watch the boys dance.

Great song, boring video and dance. 5/10

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