Young, Wild & Free – B.A.P

B.A.P has finally returned with a brand new mini album. And they have maintained their strong and widely recognised powerful comebacks with Young, Wild & Free. This time around they went with a rock based song. I am totally liking this, since I am head banging (not literally though, just the feels) to the song all the way when I hear it. The break they had is worthwhile, cause this comeback shows off new talents. The most obvious, Jongup has a much more stable voice than compared to their previous releases and Zelo seems to have a deeper voice. The chorus to the song is pretty catchy and addictive. I am always singing along to the “We are Young~ Wild and Free” and it sounds a lot like some kind of anthem where everyone needs to be chanting. There is a whole heap of anger that is present in the song. The song reminded me of their first few singles. While it might not be as bright as those first few songs, the dark nature in which the song has and the rock/hip-hop themed songs is still present.

The music video is okay. Dark themed, checked. I am a little disappointed with the music video. I expected something action packed and it feels like this song can have some kind of rebellious music video plot. I personally hope their company can properly promote them and return the band to their old style (as in music) . I just the feel the video seems to be a last minute things in term of sets. The video to me seems empty. The sets do give off that independent and strong power that the boys are trying to sing about, but I don’t know. It just seems to need something else. I think the paint/play scene and drifting cars give off that “young, wild and free” feel the strongest out of the all. Not exactly sure about the “dead” Youngjae scene that we see, where he uncovers his body that is in a suit. It is like saying the constrained version of them are gone and now left behind is the free version of them? Tad confusing. But the ending with them as Kings seems very cool!!!

The dance fits in well with the rock performance. It isn’t really that impressive and doesn’t make me go wow. But the group manage to carry that rock performance style of the free style bouncing on the stage and all. Did I expect something else? Yeah, I expected them to make me go wow, but what we have here is fine. It fits in well and does what it is needed to keep that rock theme.

The song to me exceeds my expectations. The video and dance does not really. 7/10

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