Hot Pink – EXID

The girls, EXID are back with Hot Pink. From what I heard, so people think this song was just released to keep the group relevant, but I am totally digging this song. After all their past hits, I think Hot Pink has to be one of the best songs the girls have released so far. This song, like all their other songs, have been super addictive and it just keeps replaying in my mind. The cows bells, I thought they be annoying, but they give the track its addictive nature. Yeah, their English isn’t that great in this song: “I like the way you pink it”. Cringe worthy, but they add that KPOP feel to the song. Cause it ain’t a true KPOP song until we look at its English. The instrumental, vocals and raps are all great. I love how some articles are dubbing Junghwa’s part as the “virgin verse” so all their oppa fans still believe that someone in the group hasn’t had sex yet. Hahahaha… I like her part. It does changes the song up quite a bit and sounds like there was something wrong in the recording session (like they played the wrong song entirely fro Junghwa) but if you look at the song as a whole, it flows pretty well.

As for the music video, the girls seem to be sellers of an illegal substance known as Pink Oil. They influence drivers and bring in the bank by selling the Pink Oil with their good looks. But when policemen come by and inspect the station, the girls just simply turn of the lights. Ummm… I think they need to retrain the police officers (and check their eyesight). In the end, the police officers find some suspicious substance and we see at the end, the girls are closing in with tools of the trade. It ends there, but the scene at the start seems to finish of the story, with the girls successfully killing the policemen and have put them into the boot of a car. Yeah, another cheesy video plot, to be honest. I am more impressed about the set. How they managed to replicate the scene of a dark highway seems really extraordinary. And that goes to show how easily impressed I am. Honestly, I think their sets look pretty cool. And I think the best comment of the day is: “Pink Oil is made up of a pink liquid and Junghwa?”. Yes, they squeeze the essence of Junghwa into the Pink Oil, and hence it is seen as an extremely expensive commodity. Hahahaha.

The dance isn’t that great. It is just wiggling the butt and biting on the thumb to look sexy. It really isn’t going to be iconic compared to Up and Down, but it is as simple. Not really impressed with the dance part when Solji sings her part. Especially in the music video, it just looks like the girls are throwing their arms around the place and just for the sake of it. It just begs everyone to ask the question: how do you make a more iconic dance than Up and Down?

Overall, love the song. The music video is good, but the dance really does not exceed my expectation. 8/10

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