Sleepless Night – Nine Muses

The song is quite underwhelming. To me, it suits the feel of Autumn but the song is really monotone. Listening to it from start to end, I really could not decipher which part was the verse and chorus. After a few listens, it started to become clear, but that monotone feel remained. To me, I can imagine a straight line running throughout the song, and the vocals really did not deviate from that straight line. The entire song was sung at a high pitch and honestly listening to the recorded version and the live version shows a very big difference. This song is basically suited for only a recorded version, which sounds really good (minus the monotone complaint).  But the girls struggled a lot with the song when singing live. Only the main vocalists nailed the song, the rest kind of didn’t sound up to par as they did in the recorded version. Now I understand that they are dancing and all, but there have been other songs that suit each members vocal style really well, so it was a disappointment. The rapping was another part that was disappointing. It sounds heavily edited and just so whiny. It did not fit in well with the rest of the song. If it was manipulated in a way to sound more sensual and softened, then it wouldn’t needed to sound forced and “over the top”, if you understand what I mean.

The music video looked interesting. So we have Mina which appeared in the video at the very start. It seems that every other member plays a part of Mina (such as her memories). Now, clearly from the tone of the song and the music video, you can tell that Mina is facing some sort of break up and each member (her memories) seem to cause her this pain. The ending, seems to show another member, and probably symbolises that Mina has moved on from her memories. Yeah that last part isn’t that clear. But damn, this video was beautifully shot. The nice rustic feel of the video gives that Autumn look. Honestly, great video.

The dance to this is very sexy and sensual. However, it is not over the top and is quite classy in my point of view. I really love the end where they are all squatting (This by far is the worst word to describe such a sexy dance move) around the chair. It added that extra class I was just speaking above. Once again, the live vocals aren’t that great. Props to them for singing live, but this might not be the right song for that.

Nice song, but not exactly sure it was the right choice for stage performances. 5.5/10

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