Muah – APRIL

APRIL has returned with a song that pleases me and sounds 100% better then their debut song. This song is much more lively and energetic than Dream Candy, which they released a few months back. And I personally like that aspect of the track. You can tell just from the sound of the track of how fun and colourful the track is. While the highlight of the song was “Muah, Muah, Muah”, I think over words could have been used in place of muah. I honestly heard “Wah” when I first listen to the song. The vocal work for this song and the rapping were amazing. Not 100% sure what they sound like on stage, but this song gives me high hopes. The instrumental sounds pretty ordinary, but I don’t think it effects my perspective on the song that much. It is quite catchy and pretty addictive at the moment. Overall, I like it a lot.

As for the music video, that colour that we find in the song is evidently here in the music video. The video itself is a lot more interesting than Dream Candy. So the whole video is about them falling in love with one particular guy. Like all five girls, falling in love with only one guy. The same guy. Hmmm… Honestly, KPOP needs to invest in more people to act in these videos. Almost every KPOP video is about 1 guy or girl and the whole band falling in love with them. Kind of ridiculous. Every time I watch a music video that has this kind of plot, I kind of throw the video to the side. But the weirdest bit is that the girls become angry at each other, but make up with kisses. And fake kisses at that. Ummm… For some reason this sounds like something coming out of a high school. And really, these girls (in their girl scout uniform) look like their barely at the age to even be loved by a dude who looks way too legal.

The dance is really not that impressive. There really is nothing that grand about the dance. It’s cute and all, but with competition in the industry at the moment, this dance is going to get them no where. But I have to say the “muah, muah, muah” dance seems very bouncy and seems to be the cutest moment of the dance.

Overall, great song, interesting video and ordinary dance. I think you guys need to just read this line, and it summarises the review in just a few words. Hahahah… 6/10

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