Run – BTS

Run is the title track to the second half of BTS’s new album. They have a returned with another of their dance themed tracks. An ongoing trend I see this year is that the songs that have been released in Autumn (Fall) have been quite upbeat and sound much more for the Summer season. Not complaining though, because I see it as an interesting change (and I much prefer songs for the Summer season than the Winter season). This song is pretty cool. Honestly, I feel like the rappers only got a small part of the song, which may sound absurd to some people. I really do enjoy the chorus and it actually matches the title of the song, fast paced and intense. Is it the best BTS song out there, I am going to say no. There were some things in the track that had me a little iffy. The rapping wasn’t their best. Compared to I Need U, the rapping wasn’t up to par and felt disjointed. It was powerful and all, but it just did not sound right. The instrumental sounded ordinary. Its the type of instrumental feels completely empty without the vocals (hmmm… isn’t that the definition of an instrumental?). But nonetheless, it is still a great song and I enjoyed listening to it a lot. I love how the vocals by Jin and Taehyung were soft (just before the chorus), but the chorus gives it that punch.

For the love of whoever, why the hell are BTS music videos so hard to understand. I think I can conclude one thing: I Need U, Butterfly and Run are one complete packaged. However they each tell a different story from the one story. I Need U tells of the story before everything in Butterfly and Run clashes into each other, where they hang out and escape from their troubles. Butterfly shows that somehow Jin lived on and everyone else has either died or gone their separate ways. Run shows a completely different side and makes us doubt. What if Jin was the one who died and everyone else survived? My theory is that Jin was the first one to die (As Jimin burns a picture in I Need U, and Run reveals it was a picture of the group without Jin), and everyone ended up dying one way or another. V suicides in Butterfly, Jimin drowns himself in the bathtub in I Need U, Suga burns himself alive etc. But, it is probably not right. I think I am so deep into 3 particular scenes from the set (1 scene from each video), I am overlooking the other connections between them. Nonetheless, I think this was a beautifully shot video, and there was a lot of running to reflect that fast paced. I also love it when they open doors, there is some sort of party going on. And they managed to block an entire tunnel. #TeamGoals

The dance either focused on the shoulders, or the butts. Hahaha… Their clothing on stage was so tight at the MAMA awards that for some reason, my eyes drifted towards their butts…. Why am I telling you this? But I thought the dance was really cool (as well). The shoulder rolls and the “running” on stage fitted the intensity of the song.

Overall, it is an amazing comeback. 8/10

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