Napal Baji (Bell Bottoms) – Psy

Psy has returned and this is a comeback that I am willing to review. Hangover was a total mess in my opinion (and I don’t consider it as KPOP). This song, Napal Baji, is an amazing song. This channel the same feel as Gangnam Style, but probably will never reach the same standard as the latter song. Anyway, regarding the song. I like everything in this song. It is super catchy and quite addictive. It is also quite a fun song that I really enjoyed. It has me singing along, even though I don’t understand a single word he was singing about. I really like the intro. While his past songs have been all electronic based, this song had a really nice instrumental and the guitar at the beginning was pretty cool. The chorus, even though it was like “Woah, Napal Baji, eh heeeeeeeeeyy …”, it was pretty much the hook of the song and damn did it hook me.

Psy, bring back the bell bottoms since 2015. Honestly, everyone that wore the pants in the video managed to rock something that is quite outdated. The rest of the video looks like a day in Psy’s life. For example, when he wakes up, he goes to the salon and gets shaved (I wonder how much the nose cost as well), he then goes onto different late night shows and also award ceremonies, with awkward golden dancing statues. And then he comes home with a few girls, who ends up leaving because he is too busy dancing. And he goes back to sleep, on his stand up bed. Hahaha… Honestly, the video made me chuckle and I would say it made me laugh. Psy’s music video had a nice clean feel to it and it felt so fresh. My favourite part of the video would have to be when they transition from the verses into the chorus. Yeah, those scenes where the walls fall down and bring out dancing Psy. I really love that idea.

As for the dance, did Psy say he used T-Ara’s Roly Poly as an inspiration, like how he used Brown Eyed Girl’s dance for Gentlemen? I thought it was a really nice dance and there is something regarding Psy’s facial expression that makes the dance so much better. I actually think one part of what makes him so popular is that of his facial expressions. His funny dances really mismatch his serious expression, but hey, at least we can tell he put his heart and soul into the performance. As for the dance overall, loving it.

This particular song dives back into his Korean roots, but at the same time, deserves to be a hit single everywhere. In my point of view, Psy, you have done it again. 9/10

My review for Psy’s Daddy will come out tomorrrow or the day after, but I put forward this highly important question:

3 thoughts on “Napal Baji (Bell Bottoms) – Psy

    1. It has been a while since I wrote this review. But I believe I was referring to the scene where the girl put the shaving cream on Psy’s nose. I was making a joke about “how much shaving the nose would cost”.


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