Sting – Stellar

Stellar has returned with a brand new song. My last review of the group was when they promoted Fool. Since then, they actually did make another comeback with Vibrato, which I tried to review, but it end up getting cut from the agenda due to time constraints. But I shall return to it one day. But now, they have returned with a brand new mini album and their newest title track, Sting.

This is a much better song than Fool. Fool was pretty boring and to me, was more of a step back. Vibrato was that step forward which caught everyone’s attention. Now with Sting, it really is not up to par with Vibrato, but it much better than Fool. The instrumental starts off the song with an addictive and funky sound. I really enjoyed the EDM style instrumental. I love the chorus. It just makes it much more catchy and interesting to listen to. In terms of colour, this song is quite lacking. It really does not make me go wow or amazes me. It barely deviate from the core of the song and feels mostly like the song is going in a straight line, with the song’s style not moving anywhere from that straight line. Think of it this way, a song that I personally find amazing is a song that goes in that straight line, but have those peaks and troughs, like in a roller coaster. A roller coaster would not be fun if it was a straight line. That is what the song feels like. The vocals were great but the rapping once again was a little awkward to listen to.

The music video was a lot more interesting this time around than compared to Fool. Not exactly sure if they used the same music video producers for each music video, but I honestly love the style they going for. I am not going to say it reminds me of the following videos, since I am 100% sure they used the same producer, but Ladies Code’s Kiss Kiss and Fiestar’s One More. The position of the mouses and how they were kind of the main focus of the videos gave off that feeling as in Kiss Kiss and the how the cameras looked like they were filming around corners and such gave off the same effect as in One More. Honestly, I think the video was shot pretty well. Though, I am not 100% what the mouse clicks were meant to represent, the stinging sensation? The girl’s expressions were on point. I love the very pale and neutral colours of the video. I thought it would be bright since they went for that sexy concept again, but it gave off that classy feel and also a bold (or bright) video would not have suited the song.

The dance was not featured in the music video. This dance reminds me of the Vibrato dance. While the girls physically turned around and did their mini bounce in their last comeback, this one was just mini bouncing without the turning around and they were holding their shirts as well. Honestly, I don’t mind the dance. It doesn’t draw me in, but I can’t say it is bad either.

Overall, I think this is a solid effort from the girls. 6.5/10

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