Noona, You – Cross Gene

Cross Gene has returned to the stage with a brand new mini album. This is my first review for the band. Cross Gene made their debut back in 2012 with La Di Da Di and this is a band that also promotes regularly in Japan. They actually made their debut in Japan around the same time with the same song. They received a lot of love and attention in their more recent comebacks from fans especially with their last comeback: Play With Me.

This song isn’t that bad. I don’t really like this style for the boys. I don’t honestly pay attention to them, but their best song to date is Play With Me. Beside that, their other songs have all be lacking for me. This one is just another song to add to the latter list. It does not appeal to me and it really can’t get into no matter how much I listen to it. It is a much brighter song and has a catchy chorus but that is all I can say about it. The verses just feel like they don’t belong to the song and the rapping just doesn’t feel like it fits in. The vocal work in the chorus is pretty good but the verses is just another story. The instrumental feels like 10 different song styles have mashed into it and that confuses my ears quite a bit. So overall, I am quite disappointed with the song.

The music video reminds me of Wipe Out. Hahaha. The Sucker Punch Wall, the big ball that swings from side to side and the rolling barrels. The video is literally the boy group going into this abandoned warehouse to save their lover, which was where they went to go on dates in the past. Their girl is kidnapped by these playful and idiot kidnappers who where clown faces on cardboard boxes to protect their identity. First of all, why not clown masks? You drew clown faces which I am 100% sure you can buy in the form of masks. In the end, the girl takes her two kidnappers out and scares her “saviours” who probably did not expect it. Well, I predicted as soon as I saw her sigh. It was a video with a good concept and idea. The way it was presented was pretty good and easy to decipher. Just the close up scenes of the members do not match the style of the video.

The dance fits in with the playful vibe the song had going. But it is not as good as their previous dances. They had this serious expression at the start but I am so happy they changed into smiles and surprised faces. Their slow mo small distancing running weren’t that great and I can’t seem to pinpoint the key move.

Overall, disappointing song and dance but the music video was pretty good. 4.5/10

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