High Heels – CLC

CLC has made their comeback with a brand new mini album. They made their debut with 5 members last year. This year, they added two new members: Elkie and Eunbin, to make it a 7 member group, but since  Eunbin is participating in the Produce 101 show, she was edited out and is currently in a hiatus.

Somewhat catchy but really boring and had no appeal to me. Listened to it a few times, it failed to please me and get me to constantly listen to it (like other songs nowadays). The song sounds a lot like the style that they were going for when they first debuted. But the song also has this aegyo side to it, which I think Korea is officially over with. It made the song quite bland and emotionless. The song has this nice retro feel to it, especially during the chorus. Vocally, the song was not exceptional. Nice high pitches, but honestly, nothing that amazing. Rather disappointing to be honest. The rapping was not even a rap sequence. More like it was the girls just speaking to us. I think I am going to cut my review on the song there. Their debut was nothing to rave about, but I loved their song Like. This just seems like a step back for them in terms of experience and style.

I don’t think Cube Entertainment is investing much into these girls. Their music video was filmed with all seven members, but due to the trainee program, Eunbin was removed for from the song, video and performances. Usually when something happens like this, the company goes all the way to remake the video. Re-film it, postpone the comeback for this new video. But here, the company decided to edit out the parts of the video that involved Eunbin, cut the song in the video and put up just close up shots of the girls. I get it that maybe the company had difficulties with reshooting a video because it was so close to release date or maybe due to financial stress, but the company should have stepped up in this situation. It is their fault for adding the new members, despite knowing about the contract with Produce 101. Now it we are left with this really boring music video that fails to capture anyone’s attention. I would never go back to watch the video (not that I don’t like the girls), because I just now know that it is just an empty piece of paper/canvas. I know that there should be dance parts to the video and also possibly a plot. Hopefully, a longer version would be put up in the future for our viewing pleasure. And then, it would look like the company gives a damn about the girls.

The performance was very boring. Dance had nothing going on and failed to light up the stage. Nothing else to say.

Overall, not the comeback for them. Very disappointed in all aspects of the comeback and their company needs to step up and address this (as i think this is either partly or mostly their fault). 1/10

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