It has been a year since we last heard from CLC. The gap might be long for some, but I think they were worthy of a break after back-to-back comebacks last year with No in January 2019, Me in May 2019 and Devil in September 2019. Fans did grow a little wary with the massive gap (based on an article that I can no longer find), but they need not to worry as CLC’s HELICOPTER comeback was in the works. And this comeback officially dropped today!

Described as a trap and EDM powerhouse song, HELICOPTER throws us back into the edgy side of CLC that has helped popularised CLC over the past few years. If anything, HELICOPTER takes it up a notch, overpowering their previous comebacks. From the very start of the song, there was this suspenseful and thrilling feeling from the opening dramatic synths and opening lines (which ended up being the first half of the chorus). We are then handed over to Yeeun, who opens the first verse up with her powerful rapping voice (her rapping style is something that I really enjoy). We are then given more raps from the other members, before entering into an epic but steep incline to the chorus. The opening lines of the song reappear as the first half and we are given an extended vocal line afterwards, alongside an explosive and epic sounding instrumentation. While the English lines are quite catchy and the instrumental is quite captivating and exciting, I just wished there was more of an memorable tinge. To me, HELICOPTER‘s chorus failed to really feature dynamism and instead focused on theatrics and intensity (which I all believe to be different elements). The rest of the song followed with more powerful rapping, strong vocals and intense instrumentals. The bridge went with a stomping effect, which I gives thumbs up to. And HELICOPTER closes out with an intensified final chorus and Seunghee’s high note and strong ad-libs. Overall, a strong showing from CLC.

The quality of this music video is flawless. The post-production and editing was amazing and helped intensify the video to match the tone of the song. The sets were very modern and sexy. Their outfits were glamorous. Yes, the music video did adopt that choreography and closeup formula which I dislike. But the closeups were stunning and the choreography shots were very powerful. The lighting was perfect through the video and the touch of wind made everything looked so cool and powerful.

In addition to the video, CLC makes a statement with this performance. It is really powerful choreography routine that matches the tone of the song. I practically enjoyed all of the choreography. But if I had to pick a favourite part, it has to be the entirety of the chorus. I also applaud them as they were not afraid with showing some sensual sides within this strong routine.

Song – 9.5/10
Music Video – 10/10
Performance – 10/10
Overall Rating – 9.8/10

[Review] Devil – CLC

One girl group that has been on a roll this year is CLC. If I can remember correctly, this is their third comeback of the year and no other group has returned this many times in the year thus far. So for those who have missed out on the powerful CLC so far (where have you been?!), they released No in January and then Me in May. Now, the group is back with Devil. While I do hope these ladies have been having breaks in between their comebacks, I am sure they (and their fans) are feeling blessed, as this has been their most active year yet!

Devil is a bright, colourful and upbeat track. But more importantly, it is something that reminds me of their earlier works. Sure, the cutesy sound isn’t there, as it is replaced by the group’s newfound fame with the mature sound. But it is still rather close. I wouldn’t think the group would change gears like this, especially since it seems like listeners are finally warming up to their powerful and dominating sound. But I guess, they have to throw in a different sound once in a while. The song also takes a retro approach with its instrumental, which feels very KPOP-like. Despite this colorful direction, I found the track to have a little bit of edginess, through the piano/keyboard at the start/during the bridge. It was subtle,. But as I was expecting something robust like their last two tracks, it managed to come off in that manner. I thought the vocals were rather strong and made the chorus stand out some more. I liked the melody but I wanted a stronger hook to the chorus. Though, I wouldn’t be surprised if I start humming the chorus in the coming days. I am also glad that they allowed Yeeun to keep her hip-hop flair. Overall, Devil was a great track and a nice change to their now- usual style.

I guess the saying ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ applies here. The music video started off like most cutesy videos. Very colourful and bright. The members were sitting around a table, with a cake on it. We then see the members live their normal lives, with another member elsewhere in the scene. And it seems like there is some sort of fight or beef going on in the video, as each member is plotting something against another. Seunghee purposely throws darts at Eunbin, Sorn is playing with fire around Seunghee, Sorn was lightly shoved off the chair by Yeeun, Elkie dropped a cactus on top of Yeeun’s head, Eunbin vacuumed Eikie’s hair, Yuijin was playing with the painful legos under Seungyeon’s bed and Seungyeon was leaving bars of soap under Yujin. I was already hooked with all of this. But then the video takes a turn, going towards the member’s dark side. The cake table turned into something more sinister with eyeballs and the chopped off heads of dolls. The colour is gone and it is all replaced by darkness. Even their outfits turned into black and leather. It is a very interesting video and definitely something worth watching a few times.

I am basing this off the music video. But I thought the way they started off the performance was very like their early works. As for the rest of the performance, I didn’t really find much worth talking about. Maybe they have kept hidden the better parts. But I can’t really make a comment about that until I see it.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating – 7.9/10

[Special] Top 10 Personal Favourite Songs from 1st Half of 2019

As I have been mentioning over the past 2 weeks, I reflect over the 1st half of 2019 through two posts. The first post is the recap of the Number 1 songs from the Weekly KPOP Charts for the period between July 2018 to June 2019 and this was published last week. The second post is my pick for most favourite songs from the first half of the year. This is irrespective of the charts (or any charts for that matter) and reviews, as sometimes my favourite songs don’t reach the top. I have listed 10 songs below, in no particular order, which I believe represent the best of the best that 2019 has offered to us so far.

Boogie Up – WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

Q&A – Cherry Bullet

Woowa – DIA

Side Effects – Stray Kids

The Fifth Season (SSFWL) – Oh My Girl

Zimzalabim – Red Velvet

Valkirye – ONEUS

No – CLC

Sunrise – GFriend

L.O.V.E – Park Ji Hoon

I wanted to add a few more but think limiting myself to 10 would probably be best, otherwise, I’d be copying and pasting majority of 2019’s releases onto this page.

Do you agree with my picks? What about your favourite tracks of 2019 so far? Comment down below!

[Album Review] No. 1 (8th Mini Album) – CLC

It is Thursday and I am finally getting around to publishing the first post for this week! It was Lunar New Year on Tuesday, so it has been a relatively slow week on the music scene and hence the lack of reviews. But today, we are going to jump start this week with an album review from CLC. The album was released last week and titled as No.1 (pronounced as No One). It contains the title track, No, that I am enjoying quite a bit in the past week or so. But what about the rest of the album? Let’s find out!

No. 1 Album Cover

1..No (Title Track)Click here to read the full review of No. (9.5/10)

2. ShowShow is one of the tracks that could have had potential as the title track. It is a little more mainstream, compared to the actual title track, which is more in your face. There is a lot of nice hooks in this track that are well appreciated, resulting in a very catchy track. The rapping in this track is spectacular and gave the song some added intensity. I liked how the vocals weren’t really as in your face. Instead, they were quite soft, complimenting the instrumental in their respective parts. I think if those were amended, the song would have been a 100% standout. I did like how they incorporated some of that electronic transitional effects. (9/10)

3. Breakdown – I liked how paced and sexy this track sounds. I personally don’t remember CLC doing anything as sensual as this, so this is quite nice. The song tackles the R&B side of music quite successful. I liked the sound of glass breaking, which gives the song some texture. I also quite liked the low bass in the background, which felt like a humming effect. I also like the trumpet brass, which added that extra needed detail to really make the song pop out. Vocally, this is a strong song despite it being more on the weaker side of things. (8/10)

4. Like It – I would describe Like It as a mash-up of the sensual side that we got from Breakdown (see above) and their current edgy style that fans are enjoying. The result of this mashup sounds good but I can see why it is chosen as a side track and not the title track. I thought the hip-hop instrumentation was quite nice. Also the instrumental, combined with the hooks of the song make the song quite addictive and ear-catching. I liked how tough the rap sounded and the vocals were quite good. (7.5/10)

5. I Need UI Need U is undeniably the brightest song of the bunch. And it is a great energetic dance track to end off the album. It feels like a Western song based on the melody of the track. I really liked the saxophone in the background during the post-chorus hook. It is quite subtle, but it manages to become a highlight of the track for me. I thought the vocals were nice, especially when they all sing together during the hooks. The rapping was unexpected as it took a softer approach. I am torn about this because I did expect it to be a little rougher to really tie the song together. But the soft approach still works exceptionally well. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.6/10

No. 1 Teaser Image

recommended red round grunge vintage ribbon stamp

[Review] No – CLC

Picked as the runner up for Most Underrated Artist of 2018 in the 2018 KPORPEVIWED Awards, CLC has returned with their latest single, No. It is featured on the group’s 8th mini-album, No. 1 (read as No One). After their amazing Black Dress release last year, I was wanting to hear more from the group. Today, it was revealed that the group was planning a comeback after Black Dress but that was ultimately cancelled. If their company could learn anything from their other groups, it should be that CLC will benefit from multiple promotional activities in one year. They deserve some attention for their edgy uniqueness.

And No is basically just that. I find it very edgy, which is in line with their more recent releases and it has this unique tone on to it, which I think draws listeners into the song. The song kicks off with a checklist, to which the members respond ‘No’ to. It is a very bold way to start the song and I quite like it. The chorus is the next best bit, with the “I Love Me‘ line quite memorable for me. The vocals are quite good. But I think the winning element, once again, is the rapping. It just works wonderfully in this track and it gives the edgy song even more edge! The instrumental reminds me of a confident model strutting their stuff on the runway. I attribute that to the deep bass in the background It also felt like it was Madonna or Kylie Minogue influenced as well. Overall, I thought No was that confident song that the group needed, especially following up from Black Dress. My only major complaint is that the song felt too short and that it went by too quickly!

Going back to how the song felt like a model strutting their stuff on the runway, it is the exact visual we get in the music video. I thought the video was quite powerful, especially when they came to the point of burning everything in the said checklist. I also like the coloured sets, which contrasted nicely with their black outfits (which added the edge to the video). I think they could have had more edge to the video (if I was going to be critical in any way) but what they did was pretty good itself.

The performance looked really cool. Not only does it feel 100% fitting for the song but they seemed to put their own modern take on some voguing in their routine. I thought that was cool. Of course, they do some strutting as well. I also like the sexiness they bring without it going overboard in any form.

Song – 9.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance –  9/10
Overall Rating – 9.3/10

[Review] I Dream – Elkie (CLC)

CLC is nominated for Best Female Group and Most Underrated Artist in the 2018 KPOPREVIEWED Awards. Click here to vote for CLC

One of the many groups that I have grown concerned for is CLC. One of the many problems they face is their lack of promotions, with Cube Entertainment pushing their more popular acts onto the stage. Notice how each of Cube’s artists have two releases in 2018 and CLC has only one (Black Dress). Now, their main vocalist, Elkie, has made her solo debut. But once again, no promotions. Actually, I don’t think many people caught wind of her solo debut due to the lack of promotional material in the lead up to her solo debut. As upsetting as it is, I hope my review isn’t too late and will hopefully introduce Elkie and CLC to a wider audience.

Elkie’s solo debut song is titled I Dream and it is a ballad. I find this ballad very typical but in a good way. It has all the aspects that I think makes it a good ballad. That swayable effect that I mention often as a criterion for my personal taste is ticked off here. And going hand-in-hand with that effect is the soothing nature of the instrumentation, which is made up of piano and soft violins (which, once again, is rather typical). Her vocals are really nice. I know of her capabilities given her work in CLC songs but this shifts a new focus towards her for me, which I think makes this a pretty decent solo debut. I also think there is a slight hook in the chorus of the song when she sings I Dream. I find it somewhat memorable. Altogether, everything is coming together well. Maybe she could have gone for something much more memorable, but I Dream was very nicely done.

There were many shots throughout the video that showed off her beauty. I thought the video showcased nice scenery, regardless if it was just a simple walk in the park or those nightlife images. I haven’t looked into the lyrics but based on the video, it shows Elkie trying to find herself and determine what her dreams are. It is a nice video that matches the song really nicely.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

[Special] Personal Favourite Songs from the First Half of 2018

With the first 6 months of 2018 officially over, it is time to look back at my personal favourite songs from the first half. Last week, I recapped the top songs from the Weekly KPOP Charts. But some songs that I personally liked didn’t really make that list. So here are 15 songs released over the last 6 months that are my personal favourites AND continually listen to (irrespective of the charts and the reviews – as opinions do change).

[Special] Missed Reviews – Music Videos

Please note these special posts are designed to be long and may require some time to read (if you plan on reading the entire post).

In some cases, some groups extend their promotional period by promoting a new song. And in some of these cases, the groups also released a music video for the follow-up song. Usually, these music videos are released after I have published my album review and hence I don’t go back to do a separate review (as I have already done a short one for the song). So, I dedicate this week’s special post to return to some of those missed music videos and do a quick rundown.

Initially, my plans for this post would be over two weeks. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is enough for two weeks. So I have scrapped the second week and will do the entire list of 6 songs today. I may return to do more ‘Missed Reviews’ special posts in the future, in case I find myself in a similar position.

Lady – Golden Child

As part of their Miracle album promotions, Golden Child followed up their It’s U promotions with Lady, which received a 9.5/10 rating on the respective album review. I actually think the group, despite their youthful charms, can do extremely well with this mature concept. The heartbreak can be seen throughout the video, as the members deal with their one-sided love. While dancing on top of a building has been done before, it looks really good here. I feel like when the members all sing together, the video could have focused entirely on all the members in the choreography shots (like for the first chorus) as they enhance the epic sound of the chorus. But overall, it is one good video that compliments the song perfectly.

Black On Black – NCT 2018

I wanted to review Black On Black like a normal song-mv-performance review, however, they didn’t get around to promoting the track until weeks after the album (and album review) was released. On the album review, the song was given a 7/10 ranking. Black On Black was a relatively simple video, which showcases a very complex choreography. The members were all wearing black, fitting for the song’s title. What I did like was the set of the video. Despite it being the one set, it was shown in 3 different lighting settings, which made it feel like 3 different sets entirely. I know the ending was meant to show all the member but I found the random zoom up into Taeyong’s belt really odd. Other than that, pretty good video.

Yestoday – NCT U

It was clear that NCT received a large budget for their multiple music videos and I guess there was enough left over for a 6th music video. Yestoday is sung by NCT U (made up of Taeyong, Doyoung, Lucas and Mark) and received an 8/10 rating. It is okay to say that I like this music video more than some of the others? Because I was very impressed with what was given to us. While the song had this jazzy feel, I felt like the video was more edgy, which I thought was a great contrast. Simplicity was the key but they did a lot of the video post-production which made it likeable and interesting. I liked the random inserts of images that flash by throughout the video.

SObeR – Suzy

At the time of writing any of the reviews, I don’t think I was aware of any news that Suzy had shot three different music videos for four of her tracks. The first of which is SObeR, which received a 9/10. And with that title, it kind of makes sense that the video will be set partly in a bar. To me, it was a ‘fun’ themed video, where Suzy acted wild and drunk, in order to woo her interest. In the end, she confessed that she wasn’t sober, which I guess could be a fun game at the club (PS. Not a club person here). I thought the various sets or places she filmed at had this elegant vibe which suits Suzy, who is considered to be South Korea’s top actresses. I also liked it how she didn’t go over the top in this video, which could easily have occurred. But it kept to her image and ended up being a nice video to watch.

Teenager – GOT7

This is the one video released last year which I never got the chance to look at. Teenager was featured on GOT7’s 7th mini-album (7 for 7) and I gave the song an 8/10 rating. The video focused primarily on the choreography. Despite that, it was still a high-quality video which I thought it was rather cool to watch. I really liked the visual effects that were shown at the start of the video. I like how the video cuts between black and white to colour. Also liked how the background complimented the hip-hop style of the song, while also adding an edge. The members also looked good (including Jinyoung’s golf pants). It is a simple video done well.

One and Only One – GOT7

One and Only One is the pre-release single for GOT7’s 8th mini-album, released earlier this year. It received an 8/10 rating, as well. What we have isn’t technically a music video. Rather, it showcases the song for a minute and that is all. I did like the blue background and how simple the video was (like above). I think if we got a longer video with some flashing lights and maybe a few different colours in the background, along with Hyolyn actually featuring the video and some choreography, the video would have been amazing. Or at least, what I think the video could have been.

Distance – CLC

Distance is a single off their 7th mini-album and the accompanying music video was released after promotions for Black Dress ended. In the respective album review, Distance received a 7/10 rating. The music video, on the other hand, would have received something much higher. I don’t know how to exactly describe the video. It can either be about heartbreak or something more sinister. The cutting of the rope can be about breaking up and physical distance. But the members disappearing, the blindfolding and just the fact they wear white alludes to something else. I have no idea what it is, though. On top of that, I thought it was a really nice video that complimented the softer nature of the song.

Thanks to all who stuck around to the end. This wraps up this special post (for the time being as I may bring it back as more music videos or songs accumulate). I will be back in two weeks time with special posts dedicated to even more music videos, so do keep an eye open for those! (Or make it easier by following me!)

[Album Review] Black Dress (7th Mini Album) – CLC

Please note that starting from this week, album reviews will be published on Thursdays and some Sundays. This should allow me to keep on top of these reviews and allow me to review a wider range of artists. Song reviews will be released as soon as I start writing them and I am not overwhelmed with work or university. 

CLC dropped their 7th mini-album on the 22nd of February (just a few weeks ago). It is my first time writing an album review for the girl group, who has released a few fantastic title tracks. Black Dress, since the review, has become a track that I am looking forward to listening to every time I go to YouTube or when I plug in my earphones. 

Black Dress Album Cover (Source: ALLKPOP)

1..Black Dress (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Black Dress. (8.7/10) 

2. Like That – The song started off like slow song or ballad-like. But within a few seconds, the song takes a turn. It develops into a pretty decent dance track. Per usual, I found the vocals really nice and it was through the vocals that the song built up into a likeable track. The EDM chorus was also captivating despite it being a common formula nowadays. Out of all the members, I think Ye-eun (the rapper) shined the brightest in this song, with her raps being standout moments in the song. (8/10)

3. Distance – Out of all the aspects of this song, the chorus was the main highlight. And I think that is due to the vocals in this song. The harmonies in this song just further back this up. Ye-eun also provides a really decent rap segment for the song, proving her capabilities to adapt to many genres of music. My main complaint about the song is the lack of energy. The song could have used some intensity to make it sound better. (7/10)

4. To The Sky (Pre-Release Track)To The Sky seems to keep CLC attach to that bright and vibrant sound that they debuted with. It is an upbeat track that has a very fun vibe to it and its energy makes it addictive. Its energy was also appreciated after the preceding low-energy track. Chorus was nice, especially with the chanting type format. Compared to the rest of the album, it was nice to see something a little different to the other songs. (8/10)

5. 7th – Ballad tracks are usually known to be slow-paced songs. 7th is the opposite of that in the sense that it isn’t a slow ballad and paints a picture of a nice Summer’s day. The song features sweet vocals and also showcases their best vocal performance on the entire album. The instrumental had a very relaxing vibe, while the bridge took a jazzy turn. It is another great song, ending the album on a high note. (8/10)

Overall Album Review – 7.9/10

Black Dress Teaser Image (Source: Imgur)

[Review] Black Dress – CLC

Last year, CLC caused a storm with their Hobglobin comeback. Finally, a concept and song genre that got the girls some recognition.  This was later confirmed by CLC’s failed comeback, Where You Are?, which did not get anywhere near the same amount of recognition (the company also dropped the promotions after 2 weeks and focused on a more lively B-side track, Summer Kiss, which seemed to be a more popular track). Hence, it would only right for their company to select a song for their comeback that could rival or overtake Hobglobin.

Black Dress carries that burden. And I think they meet (and overshoot) the standard set by the group’s most notable track. The opener to the song is an incredible attention-grabbing introduction. It throws you into the deep-end of roughness for this track, which definitely sets you up for what is in store. The song also focuses more on this mature vibe, which CLC has been presenting us. The pre-chorus buildup was awesome, while the chorus takes you back to that attention-grabbing synth at the start of the song. I love the extremely minimalistic instrumental break just before the rapper does her thing (who sounds amazing this song). The rest of the members do a good job with their vocals. The best part of the entire song has to be the slight pause just before a very rough yet appealing exclamation of ‘Black Dress‘. Overall, I am totally digging this track and if you want something edgy like Hobglobin, check this track out!

And if you think the song is a step forward, the music video is going to give you a shock. I know we have seen some idols cut their hair in their music videos in the past. But for some unknown reason, the scene (timed perfectly with the pause at the end of the bridge) really does leave an impression on you. I also see how the pole dancing lessons that Eunbin recently revealed to the public fits into the music video. The video also touches on some dark themes, mainly the sharp scissors and its questionable position near the chest (seen more clearly in the teaser). In the context of the video, I think they represent transformation, which links back to the chopping of the hair. Not exactly sure but that is my guess. Overall, I like the music video quite a bit and thought it was a perfect fit with the music.

The performance is good but I think I wanted more intensity and something pushing the boundaries of the choreography. Don’t me wrong, after watching it a few times, I thought it was quite cool. But if they wanted to show something more unique, I feel like that added intensity could have made the performance even better to watch.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10 
Performance – 7.5/10
Overall Rating – 8.7/10

[Review] Where Are You? – CLC

After their successful comeback with Hobglobin, CLC are back with the brand new mini-album, titled as FREE’SM. It seems like Hobglobin was the start of their movement from the typical cutesy image that they fell into prior to the start of the year. Where Are You? seems to go back in that direction, but instead stays mature.

Right off the bat, it is not my cup of tea. Where Are You? is a very slow song that doesn’t build up whatsoever. Instead, it remains in neutral mode throughout the entire song, which drains any energy, if it ever had any, to begin with. The slowness though does go nicely with the retro sound and their overall concept though. The muffled start and the overall sound does bring you back to the early days (aka the 90s) of KPOP. Some aspects I thought were good, but the same aspects (such as the vocals) could have been many times better. The instrumental is uncaptivating and the song is easily forgettable. It felt like a blank canvas, wanting to be drawn or painted on. But it just didn’t have any content. I have listened to it a number of times already, but I have gone to find other songs right after, instead of reflecting or wanting to go back and replaying it. Maybe it will grow on me, but if I am being honest and follow what my mind is telling me, I don’t have much hopes for it.

I spoke about the ‘borders’ of music videos lately in another review. But that border looked amazing, in comparison to the square we got in this video. I just don’t think it is right to film a video and then have it cute down to such a small section of the screen. Like it is already overdone in video that narrow it down width-wise, but column wise is pretty disappointing. We barely see all the girls in one scene. Moving from that very noticeable issue, the video was made to look dreamy and the innocent concept was brought into play. Overall, they did both nicely. But like the song, the video could have been better (i.e. more of the image). Though, I personally think that this video would suit a more creepy song, as I did get some of those horror vibes from the video.

While I am not much of a fan of this comeback, the choreography was splendid. They did a good job at bringing that innocent side to the dance. It might not be the most mind-blowing dance, but it paired nicely with the song, fitting the tempo and rhythm of the song.

Song – 5/10
Music Video – 5/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 5.5/10 


[Special] Favourite Songs from 1st Half of 2017

Can you already believe it? That we are already in July. Half the year has gone by and it felt like a blur. A lot has happened in the last 6 months that has just past. So, as a treat, I have decided to compile a list (my top 10) of the songs from the first half of 2017. There is no ranking or charting system that has allowed me to come up with this list (though, you might notice it may correspond with the Weekly Charts that I publish every Sunday). This is all just my personal preference and it is simply my opinion. So, in no particular order whatsoever, here are my top 10 songs from the 1st half of 2017.

Don’t Wanna Cry – Seventeen

Hwi Hwi – Laboum

Never Ever – GOT7

Beautiful – Monsta X

I’ll Be Yours – Girl’s Day

Don’t Recall – K.A.R.D

Beautiful – Pentagon

Hobglobin – CLC

Dance Dance – DAY6

I Wish – WJSN (Cosmic Girls)



[Review] Hobglobin – CLC

With the help of Hyuna (former member of 4Minute), CLC has returned with an 180-degree change in concepts. The bright and bubbly girls are gone. Instead, the girls have gone down the hip-hop route, with a tougher and bolder image. And with the change in concept, the girls have been receiving a lot of attention for it. The last time the girls were reviewed on the site was with their track, Oh No No.

The song is really good, there is no doubt about it. I could never have imagined CLC doing a song with heavy hip-hop roots. But who knows, it may have been the change the group is looking for. The song itself also delves into EDM for its instrumental. Everything sounds great, ranging from the vocals to the rapping, which proves the move to an edgier sound worthwhile. I honestly cannot wait to see what else the girls have up their sleeves. But the more I listen to it, the more I can hear the similarities between this song and 4Minute’s Crazy. From the structure to the delivery of the song, the similarities are quite prominent. And I think this is intentional but at the same time, I feel uneasy with this idea. With 4Minute (the company’s most profitable girl group) now gone, the company has pushed CLC to where 4Minute once stood. Essentially, they tried to keep CLC’s fans happy with a comeback but also appeal to the taste of 4Minute fans who wanted more. The tactic is (so far) working, with the extra attention on the girls, but we don’t know how far into the future will this continue to work. I just hope that, in the future, the company can let the girls can bring their own colour and twist to their songs, rather than market the girls as 4 Minute 2.0. While it is too early to tell, the next release will allow us to draw a conclusion.

The 4Minute influence is very strong in the video. Even some of the members are dressed like you would expect Hyuna to, in a more edgier video. It isn’t necessarily bad but like what I said above, ‘hopefully they don’t market the girls as 4Minute 2.0’. The 360 camera shot looked really cool. While 4Minute’s Crazy did utilise a 360 camera, I liked how the girls also turned around with the camera. I liked the sets that were filmed for the first part of the video (the black staircase, the abandoned garage room, the purple background room) more than the house set with pink lights. The lighting for the latter was really horrible and the set just didn’t have the right appeal to match the concept and the song. Overall, I like bits of the video, while other bits I did not enjoy.

The choreography is really bold and tough, which is really fitting for the song. It is so weird to see the difference between this choreography and a past routine, such as Like. I think the dance is really cool. The chorus was amazing. Seunghee and Sorn’s dance segment during the first verse looked amazing, even without the 360 cameras.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7/10


[Review] No Oh Oh – CLC

CLC has returned with another comeback this year. They previous returned to the KPOP industry with High Heels, at the start of the year. This is also the first official comeback by CLC which includes Eun Bin, who was a participant on the Korean TV show Produce 101.

The song is not honestly bad, but it is not the type of song that will get them known in the industry. There is a hip hop vibe that runs through the song, that I think is great. But I don’t think it suits them. I do love the heavy drum “bam bam” (technical term here) sounds throughout the instrumental and also the whistles. They made the track appeal to me and also made it quite catchy. Mentioning the hip hop vibe before, I did like how the chorus turned the song into a typical KPOP song. The vocals in the song were pretty good. I do have to say that the rapping was bad in this particular song. It wasn’t the awful kind, it is just not up to par with other girl group rappers at the moment.

The video is okay. I watched it a few times already, but I don’t really remember much from it. That kind of speaks out to me as a video that doesn’t have an appeal or isn’t memorable as I wanted it to be. The video is simply the dance, plus close ups and throw in a little snippet of them acting cute in everyday scenarios. That (like many videos out there) are pretty standard and I feel like I was let down by that. The song makes me expect the video to be quite appealing. Beside that, I don’t have much to say about the video.

The dance was pretty cool. Loved the clock arms and the whistle imitation that they have in the dance. The chorus was a major let down. It just didn’t fit the rest of the dance and the song. Like it matched the beat, but not the vibes coming from the song.

Overall, I thought it was okay. It could have been loads better. CLC is probably still trying to find its own personality and flare in the industry. 5/10

High Heels – CLC

CLC has made their comeback with a brand new mini album. They made their debut with 5 members last year. This year, they added two new members: Elkie and Eunbin, to make it a 7 member group, but since  Eunbin is participating in the Produce 101 show, she was edited out and is currently in a hiatus.

Somewhat catchy but really boring and had no appeal to me. Listened to it a few times, it failed to please me and get me to constantly listen to it (like other songs nowadays). The song sounds a lot like the style that they were going for when they first debuted. But the song also has this aegyo side to it, which I think Korea is officially over with. It made the song quite bland and emotionless. The song has this nice retro feel to it, especially during the chorus. Vocally, the song was not exceptional. Nice high pitches, but honestly, nothing that amazing. Rather disappointing to be honest. The rapping was not even a rap sequence. More like it was the girls just speaking to us. I think I am going to cut my review on the song there. Their debut was nothing to rave about, but I loved their song Like. This just seems like a step back for them in terms of experience and style.

I don’t think Cube Entertainment is investing much into these girls. Their music video was filmed with all seven members, but due to the trainee program, Eunbin was removed for from the song, video and performances. Usually when something happens like this, the company goes all the way to remake the video. Re-film it, postpone the comeback for this new video. But here, the company decided to edit out the parts of the video that involved Eunbin, cut the song in the video and put up just close up shots of the girls. I get it that maybe the company had difficulties with reshooting a video because it was so close to release date or maybe due to financial stress, but the company should have stepped up in this situation. It is their fault for adding the new members, despite knowing about the contract with Produce 101. Now it we are left with this really boring music video that fails to capture anyone’s attention. I would never go back to watch the video (not that I don’t like the girls), because I just now know that it is just an empty piece of paper/canvas. I know that there should be dance parts to the video and also possibly a plot. Hopefully, a longer version would be put up in the future for our viewing pleasure. And then, it would look like the company gives a damn about the girls.

The performance was very boring. Dance had nothing going on and failed to light up the stage. Nothing else to say.

Overall, not the comeback for them. Very disappointed in all aspects of the comeback and their company needs to step up and address this (as i think this is either partly or mostly their fault). 1/10

Catch Up Review #14 – BESTie, CLC, Oh My Girls

And I am back. So many reviews to do. Exams just finished today and I am done for the semester, so expect reviews to come out every day from now until late July. Maybe, but I will try to get 1 review out every 2 days. That is my goal. Likewise, the titles below are links to the music video.

Excuse Me – BESTie


BESTie has returned with Excuse Me, after a pretty successful year of promotions and getting their name out there. Excuse Me just did not live up to my expectations. It was rather disappointing. The song had colour but it really did not use that sense of appeal that well and I grew very tired of the song. Sure I would listen to it, but it just doesn’t fit their past songs. It’s not that catchy at all, which is disappointing. Maybe the saxophones got to me, but I don’t really find their voices fitting for the song. For the music video, it does break the stereotype. Well, for the most part it foes fall under the stereotype of a typical KPOP video, but the plot doesn’t. The glasses that shows guy’s true feelings regarding people around them. Interesting concept but not one that I want to learn about. The choreography fits the song pretty well. The movements fits the beat really well. I kind of like their costumes but at times it does get cringe worthy. Overall, I am sure BESTie could have done better with the song, but I thought the video was a plus. 4.5/10

Like – CLC



I have not reviewed Pepe, which was CLC’s debut song. But instead, I am going to review Like. This is a pretty solid song that I am totally digging. It is very fun and light-hearted. Most importantly, I think the song fits the concept they are going for as cute girls. I thought the vocals for this song and the rapping in this band is pretty cool. I loved the chorus and how the main vocal does that like pouting sound at the end of a line. I love the part after the first chorus. It changes the up the song pretty well and still manages to flow pretty well. As for the music video, the girls go on a detective hunt to find out what kind of guy one of the girls like is. Turns out their mission failed in the end, but I thought it was a very cute video and quite colourful. The dance is pretty cute as well. 9/10

Cupid – Oh My Girl


Another group that debuted. But this is their debut single. I recently got into their song but there is one major compliant. The rolling drum beat needed to be softened down or just taken away from the song. Everything about the song was amazing and I thought it was a solid song as well. But the drum beat really smothered every other aspect of the song and made it sound messy. Such disappointment. Though the song and choreography gives off the cheerleader concept really well, which I like. The “Hey cupid has shot my heart” was cringe worthy, but I must confess it is my favourite part of the song.  Their street set and the ending reminded me of AOA’s Elvis. Thought instead of mysterious, these girls act like Cupid. But beside that, the music video was a little boring to watch. 6/10

Next review: new boy bands in KPOP for 2015.