Liar Liar – Oh My Girl

After releasing one of the best songs of the year, last year, Oh My Girl is back. Closer is by far (and still is) one of the best songs I have ever heard in KPOP to date. Yes, I am going that extra mile to say that. They have taken a break and have returned with a brand new mini album for all of us, so let’s get cracking.

The girls go back to the cute concept with a funky and catchy song. The instrumental of the song reminds me of the marching drums in Cupid. The song is quite upbeat already (with the instrumental only), but adding the vocals, there is more depth to the song and it makes it sound even more retro. Vocally and the rap were all really good and stood out. The level of instrumental and vocals was perfect. As I said before, the song is super catchy. I probably know when the girls would sing “Liar Liar” because I am singing along at that part (since it is a line that I can understand – the life of an international fan) and only that part. Play it now and I will slay the “Liar Liar” part. While I think it is a good song, it does seem to lack the appeal needed in KPOP. It has that KPOP feel to it, but it doesn’t sound like something that would be a hit with the audience over there. Beside it being catchy, it really doesn’t draw you in. That is my only complaint with the song, but overall, I thought it was a really good song.

Music video is amazing. So colourful. Such boldness in the set. The cuteness in terms of the concept is channelled from the bright but bold colours present throughout the video. Beside I love how the girls portray the lyrics. I believe they are singing about a guy who they know is cheating on them, but in the video the song shows the girls knowing that everyone is dating the same person. Really confusing, but off the bat, I thought it was very interesting. The girls hide pictures of their “guy” in anyway possible without anyone seeing, arousing suspicions of everyone around them. Like I said, confusing, but it reels me in. Really enjoyed the scene where they are all at the table, with their hands behind their backs, holding onto the picture of the same guy. And the girl with the sunglasses. Highly creative, but I don’t think it is that practical. And that is one massive bed.

Dance wise, it is so cute. But I have a question! Why are they wearing roller skates? They dance around in them and it confuses me. I don’t recall them skating around the stage.  But they are probably are just wheels stuck to some shoes.

Overall, great song, video and dance. Loved it all. 8.5/10

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