Good For You – Eric Nam

Eric Nam has returned to the stage. It has been a while since we heard from Eric Nam. He last promoted at the start of last year with I’m Okay and has since been active as a reporter, gaining a lot of popularity through this. 2016 started with a collaboration between him and Wendy from Red Velvet with their song, Spring Love. And now, just a few weeks later, he has dropped his second mini album since his debut in 2012 with Good For You.

Lovely song. His husky vocals match the hard (and quite loud) piano notes really well. He changes the tempo of his voice to give the song a lot more depth. His husky vocals give the song that extra dimension, which sounds really good. It was also quite soft and easy going on the ears, a change from the pop songs and more upbeat songs that I tend to listen to. For a ballad, there is a kick to it that makes it catchy. It is definitely more rhythmic than other ballads. There are different a really strong RNB vibe channelling through the song, which I think makes it so good. I think an important reason to why I like this song so much is due to the fact that I have been wanting to listen to a new ballad like song. I have found a few, but this just came out at the right time.

Music video wise. Not that memorable. I have watched it a few times, and I barely remember anything from it. So, let’s have a refresher and let me make some comments -goes watch the video- It seems Eric Nam is a radio broadcaster and that there are many people who enjoy listening to his channel. But I think people find it a great source of encouragement and the music (i.e. the song playing) really makes people feel good about themselves. We have a dancer (who falls so gracefully), a cafe owner, a girl who works endlessly and another girl who just broke up with a partner. They all listen to the song and it helps them go on with a smile. It is as if the song is “Good For You”. I did enjoy watching the video, though as I mentioned above, it isn’t memorable. But I do have one more complaint. Eric Nam playing the piano. He seems to be rocking a little too much to the song. Not a rock song, but a ballad. Love his enthusiasm, but it just doesn’t fit.

Overall, great song and good video. 8/10

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