Journey to Atlantis – Laboum

Laboum has finally returned. They last promoted Aalow Aalow back in November and December last year (which I failed to review). This time around they have returned with a mini album titled as Fresh Adventure.

Probably one of the freshest songs this year. For some reason, there was this “wave of newness” that probably the reason why this song stood out for me. It had that bright feel and make you picture sunflowers and grassy fields. Okay, maybe not that extreme. But every time I listen to this song, it makes me grin so much. Yeah, the song lands perfectly in the typical KPOP song genre but there is a lot more to it. The chorus is freaking catchy and beautiful. Love how they all sing the chorus, giving it that brighter feel. I am just lip syncing the chorus everytime I hear the song. The high notes at the end (both of them) are stunning. The rapping is very limited (and it isn’t really a rap, more like a chant) but it changes up the song. It fits the season perfectly and it is a shame that it is not getting as much love as it deserves. Overall, I think this is an amazing song and definitely think everyone should listen to it.

I think there is one word we can describe this video and that is: cheesy. Lots of cheese. The girls in the video are bored at home and decide to pitch a tent, pretending as if they are in the outdoors. Who didn’t do that when they were younger? Oh childhood, why did you go away? The girls fall asleep and somehow are transported to their “dream land” or the outdoors. And that is about as intense the plot gets. Yeah, very cheesy. But the sets were nice. They are the ones you see every single time a KPOP video comes along, but they have been brightened up and made to look like they fit into the video. But damn, those outdoor scenes (well, I am assuming they were outdoors and not in some studio) look amazing. I don’t have much else to say regarding the video. It just looks beautiful.

The dance is great as well. They are in sync from start to the end. Loving it. I love the chorus and damn, it is very confusing to follow along. Because that is what I do all day… I watch video and dance to them while sitting down. But it fits that fresh and cute concept they are going for.

For some reason, these girls are not getting love. They need love. Because just listening to this song shows me how capable they are. 9/10

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