Toy – Block B

It has been a while since we heard from Block B. They last promoted Her back in 2014 as a whole group. They debuted a subunit (Bastarz) consisting of B.Bomb, U-kwon and P.O in 2015. 2015 and the first few months of 2016 have probably been Zico’s year though as he made a highly successful solo debut and each of his songs ended up topping the charts. But finally they are back with Toy and their latest mini album.

I thought this song was pretty dry and dead at first. However, listening to this song continuously makes the song sound like pure heaven. It is honestly catchy and packs a mean message (mean as in cool, to an extent).  I expected something with more of a hip hop vibe to it, since that is what they were doing prior to their hiatus. But we get this ballad and RnB dance track, which I think Block B handled professionally and perfectly. It is pretty catchy. The catchiness isn’t really evident, it just seems to be very subtle and doesn’t really hit us. It just makes me unconsciously go back to the song. I don’t remember my thoughts on H.E.R, but the rapping and vocal work from all the members was amazing. Even P.O (whom I am not that fond of) sounds really good in this song. The instrumental was on point as well. Loved the unique sound that the violins had at the start (Is it unique? I don’t know. It sounds different though, as if they used electronic violins). Especially at the “I’m Your Toy” part in the song. Just amazing.

The music video is pretty cool. Loving how the BBCs (Block B fan club) have called themselves trash and that Block B included them in the music video. It just makes everything so funny. Not that I should be laughing. This is a very serious topic. But the idea of the song and music video goes hand in hand. The girl drags her boys to the rubbish bin after she is done with them, so essentially she is “dumping them”. Hahahaha… The guys end up singing how she will want them back and that they will end up being her toys again. Unfortunately, that will just “land-fill” them back into the bin. Loving this concept. It is just so “rubbish”. Okay, I will stop making you fans and the band feel “trashy”. But seriously, the colour in the video is on point (or the tip of the land fill). Compliments the video really well. Honestly check out the video because it has some good meaning that I “threw away” and decided to substitute these puns in for.

Dancing is amazing. Block B does not really pass as a dance group, and this dance kind of proves that too me. But the whole toy concept was really cool. How they acted like mini robots and those arm flailing in the air for the “I’m Your Toy” part. Oh and it seems like Block B seem to get onto the dance trends quite quickly. Saw them Nae Nae before the whole thing became popular and now they are -dabs-.

I am writing this while I am half asleep. This was meant to be out yesterday, but that didn’t go to plan. I found a little bit of time and decided to finish it off and just get it out there. Check out the song and video below because it just looks so cool. Comeback, overall, was so cool. 10/10

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