[Review] Angel – Berry Good

Sorry, just like 5 weeks delayed here. Berry Good is not a relatively new band in the industry. They actually have been around since 2014 and made their debut with Love Letter. They made their debut with 5 members, 3 of which ended up leaving the band in 2015. They were replaced by three new members and the current lineup includes: Taeha, Seoyul, Daye, Kang Se Hyung and Gowon. Interestingly enough, their latest release was actually crowd funded and this provided the band with surprising results as they overshot their goal. I read an article of it somewhere, and will link it when I find it.

This song blew me away. Well, to be precise, the high notes at the end blew me away. More on that in a little bit. The song itself is already very good. Vocally, Berry Good releases good songs that really bring out their talent when it comes to vocal work. Okay, so their vocals have been talked about. As you all know I am a sucker when it comes orchestra sounding songs, and this just proves it. I loved the instrumental and how it compliments with the pitch and volume at which they are singing at. The more electronic sounds make the song feel a little more KPOP-ish. Minor complaint regarding the song is the chorus. Not troubled by it at all, but it could have been refined further with proper English pronunciation. It does sound a little awkward (the “ooh ooh ooh ooh” parts) and doesn’t really reflect the rest of the song. It is funny, because the last chorus seems to be the exact same thing, yet that last chorus sounded less awkward and more professional. But more than the orchestra instrumental, I am a true sucker when it comes to the high notes and damn were they perfected. We are given what seems to be a whole minute of these high notes (spread out during that one minute though) and it just really captivates me every time I listen to it. The vocalist held it really well and just goes back to singing the next line, just amazing. The ending instrumental was not required and sounded mega different to the rest of the song. Overall, I think the song was really good minus the few issues I identified. Vocally, they are definitely sound great and it is really disappointing that they haven’t got the recognition.

For a low budget video, it looks really good. They took an overused set and made it look completely different from the other times we have seen the set used in the industry. The lighting looks really good and the editing itself is phenomenal. At first glance, you don’t see a low budget to it. Their outside scenes were pretty good as well. Besides that, I can only say that much from the top of my memory. I don’t have a solid internet connection to be able to play the video, but that is what I remember from the video. Hahaha… I really liked the editing, though. Like a lot.

The dance was meh. They are not a dance group, but more of a vocal group.

Overall, I think they handled this come back pretty well. I hope they gained something and don’t have to crowdfund their next release. And they need to be recognised for their talent. 7.5/10

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