[Review] Pretty U – Seventeen

Seventeen has returned to the stage after their last comeback last year with Mansae and their debut with Adore U. Now, they have returned with a brand new (and their first) album. And this time around they won a few trophies for their latest release. Proving to many (while some are quite sceptical of this) that Seventeen is gaining popularity.

Pretty U is a pretty ordinary track at first. I agree with many people, it just doesn’t sound as intense as Mansae or Adore U. It lacked a lot of power. It was, at first, a disappointment. But, the song grew on me. I’ll tell you why later on. Anyway, but the song grew on me and now I am pretty much addicted to the song. I tweeted last night about how I have been trialling a chart system (based on my preferences). For the past three weeks, the song has been out, it has topped those three weeks, proving how much I actually am addicted to the song. Vocals were amazing (with some of the members getting their moment to shine). The raps were a little disappointing. They just didn’t hit the right “notes” with the rap. It was only  the end that I pretty much happy with. The rest of the rapping in the song just didn’t suit the members. Seungkwan’s massive IU style high note was amazing (as I said yesterday in Berry Good‘s review, I am a sucker when it comes to the high note). Even the instrumental had a nice ring to it. Overall, a pretty good song. But I still stand by my first statement, it just didn’t have the intensity as their last songs.

The music video was disappointing. I thought it was just not the right video to end off their “trilogy”. They have focused on that school boy look and this video just shows them off as being rebellious and fun. Nothing really connecting with the school boy look. Now I know their trilogy isn’t based on the school boy concept but rather the lyrics of the song. Just, when I first heard trilogy, I heard school boy look. The video showed the boys having fun, but the slow motion and camera work did not reflect that. The tone of the video (in terms of that Instagram-like filter) really dampens the mood. It just didn’t provide that bright or happy vibe that the boys were having. And I reason why I thought the song was really weak at first was the song quality that came with the video. I can’t watch the video anymore because of this. I honestly thought my speakers were broken, but seeing many people comment on this sound quality, I think my speakers are working just fine. Having a party looked quite fun but I did expect them dancing to the song (like a dance version) throughout the video, but I never got that. Honestly, sometimes those fake set videos really do a good job.

Where did I fall in love with the song? Well the stage, of course. The song sounds 100% better than alone or with the music video. Dance wise, I thought it was really good. I liked the sofa and how they used it. Not really unique, but hey, it made the stage look quite fun and enjoyable. I would describe the dance as easy and safe, though. To date, Seventeen has shown great dances, but they don’t consist of anything that I would describe as risky. Maybe it is just the concept talking to me, but I would like to see more variance in terms of the dance style next time.

Seventeen, you are fast becoming one of the top groups in the industry for me. And I think I am a little obsessed. I do have my doubts (namely, your company in general) and I hope you do stay for a long time. 7/10

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