[Review] Destiny – Lovelyz

Lovelyz has returned. And I almost forgot about them. Another review for another girl group was meant to come out, but then I realised I forgot about Lovelyz when looking over my agenda (i.e. the list of reviews I plan to make and what day it is meant to be scheduled on). The group is slowly gaining momentum and receiving lots of love from the public. This song is actually their highest chart-topping since debut and just proves to everyone that they can actually become the next big thing in KPOP.

We have always seen Lovelyz attempt a song that actually has that cutesy association along with it. Now according to their company, the group ended their own trilogy style comebacks with their last comeback and would return with a different sound. And a different sound was what we got. This song has a more mature sound than any of their previous songs but still remains on that cutesy side of KPOP.Personally, it is a good song, but I have to admit it does sound like a little dead. I am totally in love with the instrumental and the mature vocals of the girls. It is pretty hard to believe that the Lovelyz last year is the same Lovelyz this year. The song is catchy to an extent, but not enough to make me go replay it. I would have liked more of a hook to the song. Their harmony is pretty good (as heard in the chorus). So to wrap up, like the song, just would have expected something more to appeal to me.

The music video is the main reason to why there is a review to this song. Someone, whoever, give a goddamn award to whoever produced, directed and edited this amazing work of art. I just cannot explain it words, but I will try. The video isn’t just a simple “put camera here and move back and forth with it” type of video. The video spins. Okay, maybe not literally, but the video editing makes it like the camera is spinning around them. The whole video is dominated with circles And the emphasis on the effect of the camera spinning was amazing. The out of focused shots, where the girls aren’t necessary in the middle of the frame but like in the corner or just half their head is featured on the screen, looks amazing. The dance even matches up with the editing and I totally think this is much an amazing video. The music video, in terms of colour, is pretty dull, but whatever the editor and producers were going for, worked amazingly and made up for whatever flaws there in this video. I would have to say, this is probably a highly artistic video and one I willing to give 10/10 for.

Dance wise, it is pretty good for a song like this. Love the start where they form a circle around the member singing and proceed to move inwards to form a straight line and then proceed to then span outwards. The circle is back in the dance as well, seen throughout the chorus and the many other parts of the dance. Add that to the video and boy was I happy.

This review feels a little rushed and I apologise for that. First Monday review in a very long time. The girls did an amazing job and their whole mini album is pretty good as well. Check out 1cm. 9/10

5 thoughts on “[Review] Destiny – Lovelyz

  1. I don’t know if you noticed already but the song is about a love triangle between the moon, the earth and the sun. That’s the reason why the MV spins hahaha (it’s the translation of planets, in this case of the moon) i recommend you to watch their lyrivcinema video of their song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hz9giahLs20


    1. Well then, I was complete off the ball. Very interesting, thanks for bringing this up. All these hidden meanings in KPOP videos nowadays just confuses me and I can get the meaning of the video. But damn, still digging the spinning – this just shows shows how easily entertained I can be.


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