[Double Review] Fire + Save Me – BTS

I am so sorry. These should be separate reviews, but due to the amount of time I have left between their releases and now, I am very behind. So, to catch up and to prevent you guys from waiting any longer, here are my thoughts on BTS’s latest comeback. I know, they released a total of 3 music videos (someone should have given me the heads up) but I had to cut their prerelease one because of time constraints. Maybe when I have time, I will get back to it? Anyway, BTS has finally wrapped up their trilogy after promoting I Need U and Run last year. Now, Fire and Save Me is the ending and I am as confused as ever.

Fire is a dance anthem song that everyone probably wants to dance to when it is played at a party. It is a fun, loud and much brighter song than any of their past releases. The electronic sounds (especially the dubstep) is a little too heavy for my liking, but hey, it is still a good track. Not impressed with Rap Monster’s rapping in this song sadly. Save Me is more of the electronic track that fits my style (if I ever had one). This song fits more nicely into the trilogy than Fire did (and it was probably the actual song to end the trilogy). But this song is much calmer (okay, somewhat) and to me, is much catchier. I really like the chill sound that the song was going for. The rapping (from all three members) was pretty solid in this song and I thought overall, Save Me was a much better song in terms of, well, everything. It gets a tick for vocals, rap, rhythm, instrumental, the lot. Don’t want to start anything, but the instrumental does remind me of Justin Bieber’s What Do You Mean?

On to the music video. Fire and Save Me both had very appropriate videos. Fire was more of that party anthem style. Very wacky and different to the rest of their videos. And of course, there is a lot of fire in this video. I guess you can say that the boys were “lit” the whole time. I have to say, whoever applied makeup to these guys, over did it. Love how they went wild with the flames in the video and that ending where the shots were overcrowded with dancers in the background. Looked amazing, to be honest. Save Me was a calmer and colder video, in terms of colour. Fire was bright and loud, but Save Me was darker and well shot in a much colder place. The chillness from the song carried over into the video quite nicely. Save Me focused on the dancing aspect of the group more and  I liked that contrast between the two. (And their epilogue focused more on the vocal and rapping side than anything else).

Dance wise, BTS has literally done it again. I wouldn’t be surprised if BTS started some flames with their footwork in Fire. Because those stages were insanely amazing to watch. Save Me had (once again) a much chiller and more artistic dance to it. Both showed BTS capability of performance and these two combined probably put BTS in a very high position in terms of best dancers in KPOP.

Okay, I have 5 minutes until midnight. And this was a very short double review. But both were pretty good. But which do you prefer? Vote below!!!

Fire – 7.5/10

Save Me – 9.5/10

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