[Review] Tinkerbell – APRIL

April has finally returned with a brand new song, Tinkerbell. For those who don’t remember, April is a 5 member girl group which debuted under DSP Entertainment last year. They made their debut with Dream Candy and made their comeback at the end of the year with Muah!. With their second comeback, one of the members (Hyunjoo) had gone onto temporary hiatus to recover from some health issues. Just note that she hasn’t dropped out of the group and says she will return once she is all better.

The song is pretty cool. All these bright and cutesy songs all remind me of the days where girl groups made their debuts and comebacks with aegyo sounding sounds. Only now, they seem to be more ambitious and creative, in terms of style and sound. The song is really addictive and I lipsync to it (and I am proud of it!) every time I hear it play. Probably a song I managed to replay constantly when it first came out. It has been a while since their comeback, so the song has naturally settled. Their vocals were on point on this song and since their debut, they have grown vocally. I have said I am a sucker for high notes, but honestly, I have yet to decide whether the “high notes” at the end of the song are actually high notes or just someone yelling into the microphone. Don’t get me wrong, it sounds really nice. Just sometimes I feel like it is a little excessive. Chorus is catchy. The bright tone and pop based instrumental really brings out the smiles when I listen to it. I think that what makes the song so great, that makes you feel good and smile more.

The music video was too boring for my taste. I feel like there could have been so much room for creativity with just the title “Tinkerbell” and they just release a music video full of flowers in a forest? However, they got the small size of the character and also the beautiful (yet childish) looking dresses. They acting is okay in this video. A lot better than in their previous videos. The sets look nice, though. I just think the video is very boring and that doesn’t fit the bright and happy tone of the song.

The dance overall is pretty nice. It was literally what I wanted to see when I first heard the song. It isn’t an amazing dance but it fits perfectly with the song.

Really sorry for the short review. They are going to be short reviews for the next few weeks, though, sorry to say that. Exams coming up. Overall, the song was pretty good. Music video could have been much better. 6.5/10

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