[Review] Aphrodite – B.I.G

It has been over a year since I last reviewed B.I.G. Last year, they caught my attention with Between Night n Music. They later went on to make a comeback and released Taola, which also caught my attention (I just didn’t have time to review it). Now, they have released their first mini album, with Aphrodite as their title track.

And they did it again for. That is, catch my attention. The song itself reminds me of B.A.P’s No Mercy, with less of a hip-hop beat to it. The traditional drum beats and the use of the subtle sirens in the instrumental made me think of B.A.P song. Let’s move back to B.I.G as this is their review. Instrumental had the “edge of your seat” experience, with the drum beats and electronic sounds. As if I had no idea what was going to come next. The song is definitely catchy and features a different style than any of their previous singles have. I particularly thought the rapper who did the “Fly Fly Fly” part in the middle of the song sounded amazing. Actually, the raspy voices of the rappers (regardless of the autotune) and the smooth vocals of the vocalists made the song sound so much better. The combination of the two at the end was pretty amazing and brought the song to a close quite well.

The music video is a dark and it is a style that I think many boy groups are now going for. It seems like the cute concept is officially dead and only one or two groups could succeed with the concept nowadays. Anyway, for a dark video, the use of colour makes it seem very vibrant and alive. It gives an added depth to the video. Besides the video falls into the “typical” folder. The boys are simply dancing in a few rooms. Throw in a few close up shots and that is essentially the video. And guess what, that means it can be categorised as a “typical KPOP video”. I feel like an extra something could have been done to set the video apart and throw it into the “unique” folder. Like a little more action or content to talk about. Well, it won’t necessary mean it will go straight into the “unique” folder, but hey, it would give us fans more to talk about.

As for the dance, parts of it seemed to be really good, but other parts seemed to be weak. The dance break was probably the coolest part of the whole choreography. The simultaneous kicks looked amazing.

Overall, it is a solid comeback and I thoroughly liked it. 7.5/10

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