[Review] All In – Monsta X

Monsta X have made their comeback with an improved and mature sound/look. They made their debut last year and have soon become one of the hottest rookies in the industry. Their comebacks have each showed improvement. I say this to about just every group out there, but Monsta X is a prime example that there is so much potential underneath what we actually see. They have the likes of becoming one of the biggest groups in the industry in the future and it seems like they going down the right path.

As I mentioned above, each track of their’s gets better and better. All In showcases a more mature sound to the guys, while still maintaining the style of the music that they debuted with and made comebacks with. The track itself boasts a really hard and deep sounding trap-genre instrumental. Vocals were so-so in my opinion. There wasn’t anything regarding the vocals that had me going “wow” or “amazing”. However the rapping in the song had the opposite effect. I was blown away with the rapping. The times where the rapping were integrated into the song were spot on and if made the rest of the song fall into place. It was as if the song was built around these rapping parts. But hey, whatever they did managed to work and I liked it a lot.

The music video has an interesting storyline to it. But I barely can decipher what is going on in it. From what I can get, the guys are standing up towards resistance or the troubles that they are facing. Some are facing  violence issues, while others are struggling with their sicked love ones. In the end, they seem to group together and take on these issues themselves, which seems like their own option due to the heavy police presence. The video is in parts, which makes it harder to decipher. I am going to link you guys a post (by another writer: ADATB) which does a complete breakdown of the music video’s plot (better than what I have done and what I will ever do). But overall, the cinematography and even the imagery in the video (like the use of the masks) was pretty smart. They draw you into the video and make you ask questions. The has to be a part 2 to the video though. It only makes sense. We are left at the end with that odd looking heart floating mid air at the end of the video, which intrigues me (and you guys as well!). This mini album is only part 1, so it all makes sense for the development of part 2.

As for the dance, they are pretty much going down the route of sexy. The exposed backs and body rolls pretty much have every fan swooning. I personally watch of these performances with a straight face, but Monsta X’s made me go wow. As for the dance itself, the guys were in sync and I could barely see any flaws in any of the performances. The standards just get higher and higher with every band.

In summary, the comeback was amazing. It made me speechless and amazed at the talent they are pulling out. Fingers cross for that part 2 of the video. Maybe, then I can understand everything. 9/10

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