[Rewind] June 2016

Welcome back to my rewind post, recapping important events in KPOP in the month of June 2016. Let’s just get stuck into it.

4Minute Disbands?

Probably something we have all heard already. But 4Minute has officially “disbanded” according to many news outlets. If you haven’t heard, 4Minute’s contract was up to renewal this month and all the members (besides Hyuna) decided to not resign and has since left Cube Entertainment. According to Cube, they are currently preparing Hyuna’s comeback. However, I have been reading somewhere that 4Minute has yet to disband and that they will just be under different companies. But to that point, I point out the many KPOP bands that did not “disband” but split up to different companies and who have not made a comeback since leaving their original company. Furthermore, the members seem to be more focused on individual work more than group work. Anyhow, like everyone else, I wish the girls best of luck in all future endeavours.

Yoochun’s alleged sexual abuse

Another piece of news that you guys most likely heard of is Yoochun’s ongoing sex scandal. 5 ladies have reported Yoochun to the authorities for alleged sexual abuse, in the bathroom in what I am reading as adult entertainment bars. The first victim reported to the police, however, retracted her statement. She has (just recently) refile her case against Yoochun. the four other alleged victims have also claimed similar stories to the first victim. The first victim has also underwear as submitted evidence, which police has confirmed that there is male DNA on it. That is currently being tested for Yoochun’s DNA. I am reading that some of his fan sites have decided to shut down due to this scandal. I feel like they might have acted a little too hastily since he is only accused of the crime. It isn’t proven yet. Once proven, then I, 100%,understand their intentions. We just don’t know the full story yet and what really happened. The question stand as “did he do it or not?” and that is what the police is trying to determine, not us, his fans or the netizens. And this morning, I have been reading that other popular male actors are being brought up in this scandal. Don’t know what to say, but this is getting bigger every day that goes by.

Top 5 June Songs

  1. Windy Day – Oh My Girl
  2. L.I.E – EXID
  3. Apple Pie – Fiestar
  4. Lucky One – EXO
  5. Stalker – UKISS

New Content

For those who don’t know, I have been releasing new content for this site. First off, I have published a few profiles of artists, which you can find in the menu bar on top of the page. I have been compiling these profiles for a few months now (it is a lot harder than you think) and have aimed for a July release. Thankfully, I published a few earlier than what I intended and I will continue releasing different profiles as they are completed.
Furthermore, I have decided to bring the charts back. They will be posted weekly on Sundays for the week that went just went by. For more information, you can check the menu tab dedicated to “Weekly KPOP Chart” that I have published. The first one will be published this coming Sunday (10th July) for the week 3rd July to 9th July.

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