[Review] Apple Pie – Fiestar

Fiestar has returned with a brand new song in time for the Summer comeback rush. With their previous releases being focused on a much darker and sexier concept, the girls have returned with a brighter and fresh concept. Is it enough for the girls to succeed in South Korea? Since they were picked as one of the girl groups to look out for in 2016.

Sadly, Korea does not agree with the song (or the band for that matter). This song failed to even dent the charts and it seems that the group (or their company) failed at capturing the right moment. I’ll talk more about that later. I actually enjoyed the song. I was expecting something a lot darker (given their recent releases), so I was caught off guard. It took a few listens to actually get into the song. It sounds like a generic KPOP song, hence I kind of shrugged it off and went off to other songs. But after leaving it for a while, I actually fell in love with it. The vocals were okay. I feel like I enjoyed the song more because of it is catchiness rather than the vocals. Besides the vocals, I think Yezi’s rapping was pretty good. I was more impressed with her part than any of the other members in the song. The instrumental was a little odd. It was generic for the most part, but there was that odd breakdown (which I loved) just after the first chorus and after Yezi’s rap. It added another dimension to the song and matched the for the rap. It just did not match the rest of the song. The song still managed to flow, but that part always seem to catch me off guard.

The music video is honestly just boring. I feel like the girls should have avoided the concept altogether and went with something that suits all the members. Yeah, sure, the girls were originally the cutesy and bright concept group. But with their latest string of concepts and with a particular member (I will discuss this even more) looking like she is regretting life choices, I think the dark and sexy concepts are better for them. Anyway, we have the girls centred around Apple Pies and their attempt to get a good Apple Pie or bake the perfect Apple Pie. It ties in nicely with Snow White’s story, though. Instead of eating all those apples (which could kill her), she can simply eat an apple pie. Which is less nutritious that an apple, but oh well. The sets didn’t seem to match. All of them was bright, besides one which was made to look like an alleyway, which I do not understand.  Don’t get me wrong. The video itself wasn’t awful but more boring than anything else.

The dance falls in between boring and okay. It doesn’t amaze me and I don’t think their fans were feeling this comeback as well. As for Yezi, after appearing in Unpretty Rapstar, she looked mighty uncomfortable with this comeback. Maybe it is her own way to keep to her rapper style, but she barely smiled and it looked like she did not want to be there at all.

As I said before, the song barely made a dent on the charts and I think people are now agreeing that Fiestar’s company threw a good chance of making the girls big. Mirror (their previous comeback) charted well and higher than any of their previous releases, but Apple Pie seemed to go backward.

Anyway, final rating of Apple Pie – 5/10

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