[Review] I Like That – Sistar

It is not officially Summer until Sistar makes their comeback. Sistar are the queens of Summer, making comebacks with numerous hits including Touch My Body, I Swear and Shake It. Now, they are going back to a more classy style with their latest comeback.

I Like That reminds me more of the Give It To Me and Alone tracks that the girls made their past comebacks with. Not saying the tracks are similar, but they remind me of the mature sound. When it comes to Sistar, line distribution is something that will always be discussed. Last few comebacks have been okay, but this time around Hyorin has more lines than Dasom, Bora and Soyu put together. Talk about being uneven. Though I am going to say, overall, the vocal work was fine and that applies to all members. I loved that Dasom got more lines, but instead of getting lines from Hyorin, Soyu had to pay the price. What this song needed more was a rap. We got a few seconds  of one, but it wasn’t enough to quench our thrist. The song could have easily eliminated the “I’m so fine, I’m so fine. Baby, don’t touch me” part and replaced it with another rap sequence. First of all, I always thought that part had been a little awkward and it doesn’t match up well with the rest of the song. The instrumental sounds just right and I love the start as well (with the “Let’s dance”). I also loved the slow down in the chorus. It made the song more interesting and intriguing to listen to.

I love the oriental feel that the video had going on. I guess that feel was created based on the sets and props, but it gave off a really nice and fresh Summer feel. One the note about the sets, I thought they really looked cool and amazing. It didn’t seem claustrophobic or tight at all (like in 90% of other KPOP videos). Besides that, there isn’t really much else to the video. Most of the video of the girls are dancing and then some solo shots of the girls sitting around and sulking. I did enjoy the editing and camera angles in the video. Some parts had a really fast zooming motion and that seemed very cool. Not sure about the green breath. But overall, I thought the video was pretty nice, despite it having so little.

The dance was amazing. I am in love with their choreography. I am pretty much a sucker when it comes to excellent use of people’s surroundings or costumes. The use of the skirts as the curtains for their dance was amazing (and genius). I am not fond of the “I’m so fine, I’m so fine. Baby, don’t touch me” part, though. It just felt distant from the rest of the dance.

Final Rating – 8/10


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