[Weekly Chart] 1st Week of July 2016

Welcome to the very first Weekly Chart of the year. It has been a while since I have done charts (like years ago) but I have decided to bring them back. This is the weekly chart for the 1st week (dates featured below) of July 2016. For more information regarding the charts and some rules that I will abide by, please check out the tab labelled as “Weekly KPOP Chart” above or click here.

The truth is, I have been doing this chart system as trialling for the past 2 months. Some of the songs will be taken off the charts in the next few weeks since the 9 weeks they are allowed to be on the charts will be up. Only songs that have been on the chart for the full 9 weeks will be taken off.

Check the chart out below and check back next Sunday to see what changed!!!

3rd July – 9th July 2016
Title Artist Status
1 Very Nice Seventeen (NEW)
2 I Like That Sistar (NEW)
3 Ribbion Beast (NEW)
4 Why So Lonely Wonder Girls (NEW)
6 Why Taeyeon (SNSD) (NEW)
7 Monster EXO (NEW)
8 Wonderland GuGuDan (NEW)
9 Stalker UKISS (NEW)
10 Windy Day Oh My Girl (NEW)
11 Butterfly Beast (NEW)
12 Back Again KNK (NEW)
13  Breathless Astro (NEW)
14 Lucky One EXO (NEW)
15 Apple Pie Fiestar (NEW)
16 Good Luck AOA (NEW)
17 Free Somebody Luna (F(x)) (NEW)
18 Fire Truck NCT127 (NEW)
19 She Is Jonghyun (SHINee) (NEW)
20 Starlight Taeyeon (SNSD) ft. Dean (NEW)

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