[Review] What’s Your Number? – Zhou Mi (Super Junior M)

SM has been churning out comebacks after comebacks for their artists, with the majority of their artists only being able to promote for a span of two weeks. Yesung and Ryeowook both had solo debuts at the start of the year, but given the short promotions, their debuts have been easily forgotten. Heechul has also made his comeback as part of M&D, but I don’t think their promotional span even lasted a week. Zhou Mi is the latest member to join solo comebacks from the entertainment company. What’s Your Number was released in conjunction with Empty Room, which I will not be reviewing (for the time being) due to time constraints.

It is a solid song. At first, I avoided the song at all cost. I don’t know why, but maybe I was a little overwhelmed with the continuous comebacks from SM entertainment. However, as I started to listen to the song, I thought that it was a pretty good song. I won’t say it is amazing because it leaves me a little disappointed. It feels like a typical song and a song that has been rejected by other artists in SM before being passed to Zhou Mi. There really isn’t much flare to the song nor is there anything to hook me in and keep me listening to it. I do listen to it because it is upbeat and bright. His vocals are pretty well highlighted in this song. But I wanted him to make a more powerful and strong comeback, not some sort of love summer song. While I do say his vocal potential is delivered in this song, I do have to say the song overall is quite monotone. Especially that launch into the final chorus. It sounded deflated and a failure, to be honest. Overall, the song did deliver but failed to keep my attention on it.

The music video reminded me of Jonghyun’s She Is video. I think it was the shipping crates, the overall tightness of some of the sets and some of the scenes. The video is essentially just close up shots of Zhou Mi, some dancing scenes and attempts to get a girl’s number. And SM is back it again with those brand name shirts. (When I say brand name, I actually mean a brand logo smacked onto a shirt – in this case, Pizza Hut). It was pretty boring and I am a disappointed by it. However what we got is probably what we get. It kind of does feels that this would be the final result of the music video if another artist did it. The video concept and overall idea do feel like a dead end. I guess I am more disappointed by the fact every time I watch this video, I automatically think back to Jonghyun’s one.

Dance wise, it is pretty good. I am impressed by this choreography. I do see a little uncomfortableness (or is it nerves) when I watch a few of his performances. Some moves do seem a little stiff at the start, but as the stages go on, he ends up more comfortable. I liked the simplicity of the chorus parts. It isn’t loud but still on point and well polished.

Final Rating – 5.5/10


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