[Review] How’s This – Hyuna

Hyuna has returned for the first time since her former group, 4MINUTE, parted ways. Hyuna was the only member to remain under Cube Entertainment. Hyuna has a remarkable solo portfolio, so we shouldn’t be alarm. As Hyuna has already demonstrated by topping charts, Hyuna has a long road in front of her that is full of success and popularity. That was so cheesy. I am just going to have to go on with the review now.

I like the song. As soon as the song started, I started enjoying it. Dancing in my chair here and head bopping over there. It is just a great dance/club song. While I do find Hyuna’s voice in some parts this song somewhat whiney in the song, I let that go. The verses showed her as a great vocalist and I thought it brought out her voice very well (the chorus and start, I am not fond of). Also have a smashing instrumental. Definitely a club vibe and fitting for the season. However, everything was great up until that ending. It changed up the song a little too much for and it ruined the song for me. It sounded like moans you would here in a horror movie, rather than a club scene song. I also felt like there could have been a faster rap sequence in the song. It would have amped the song up a little more. Overall, (and I repeat) I do like the song. Just not the ending.

I am a little disappointed with the music video. The music exhibits a power club vibe, which the song has. Check. Club means dancing, alcohol, people. Check. Throw in a person in the spotlight (i.e. Hyuna) and focus the cameras on her. Check. Also sneak in a few extra shots of the crowd and them going wild. Check. Throw in some solo shots. Check. And then throw in a scene of the girls (plus Hyuna) in the bathroom, while this couple is making out. Check… You see, the video is pretty ordinary (even the club vibe) and that ending was a little awkward (plus random). It is another video where what you get is what you get, regardless of any other ideas. You can’t really deviate from what I mentioned above or run the risk of ruining the video. Just a couple making out (which I understand is completely normal) really makes me question the rest of the video. Once again, I was fine up til there… So….

Dance wise, I thought it was okay. Not amazing. Not too boring to make me avoid or not want to watch it. Twerking used to be focussed on the butt, but now, it seems like you can twerk from the front as well. (And this is where in my head a question pops up “where is this going?”). It just looked a little too repetitive. You can only twerk so many times in one performance and make it look like you just did it for the first time.

Final Rating – 5.5/10

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