[Review] Listen To My Word (Aing~) – Oh My Girl

It has definitely been a very busy year for Oh My Girl. They previously released Liar Liar and Windy Day, this year. Some of the members have been busy with their other appearances. Seunghee is garnering attention for her very successfully and highly skilled performances for Girl Spirit. YooA, just the other day, joined Block B’s U-Kwon for Hit The Stage. And on top of the promotions for their title tracks. Wow.

I don’t exactly sure, but it kind of feels like Oh My Girl and their company have found a new niche – bringing in different cultures into the realm of KPOP. Windy Day had this addictive Arabian and ethnic sound to it. This song combines the innocent sound of KPOP and the reggae sounds of Jamaica. It is an interesting mix and it works in their favour. A lot of attention was directed to the track. One way or another, but I am quite sure fans are loving it. It felt awkward at first, but it ended up working perfectly. Skull and HaHa featured in this track and provided that reggae sound to the song by the two small parts they had. Overall, it set the Summer and beach theme of the song quite nicely and provided the girls with the right platform to “launch” into the song. While the vocals were soft and cutesy, can I just point how amazing Mimi’s rap was? As I was listening to the song, I was in awe with her rap part and the transition between reggae, the rap and the rest of the song was amazing. Maybe the only downside to the song I could see was the awkward idea of the two sounds together, but honestly, I am currently in love with this song.

The music video was interesting. It is set in a swimming pool and shows that a little imagination can go a long way. Okay, maybe that isn’t the actual message of the video, but it was the first thing that popped into my head. From the lyrics of the song plus the video, I guess the girls want their friends (lover or social friend) to listen to their story (well I just ripped that out of the English translation provided), despite how crazy it may sound (like sailing in a swimming pool). Honestly, quite a cute video, though. There were some things that caught me off guard, but nothing bad. First of all, Mimi’s rap scene. Love the set there. However, one of the scenes where the girls are standing behind Mimi and those questionable shelves with the plants looked quite freaky and scary. And that English translation on 1TheK’s YouTube video. Wow. Might want to check them out. Quite interesting to read. (I understand that OMG’s company is in charge of the translations).

Dance wise, it was to the boring side, but still enjoyable to watch. Wasn’t as amazing at Windy Day’s dance. However, it kept that cute and innocent concept quite well. And yes, the girls looked quite cute. On stage and throughout the video.

Final Rating – 8.5/10

[NOTE: I also know OMG consist of more than two members. I couldn’t find a decent picture of the whole group from the music video or the teaser images]

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