[Review] Promise (I’ll Be) – 2PM

The beastly idols are back. Yes, 2PM has returned with their final album before enlistment. They were last on the stage for My House (last year). Moving away from their normal beast image, they have returned with more of a charming and romantic concept and look.

Promise is an EDM-based song. The song starts off with a very strong piano melody, but as soon as the chorus hits, the EDM blends in and drowns out the piano sound that we hear at the start and in the verses. It is a nice contrast, without going over the top or being too powerful that it makes me comfortable. The rap is powerful and hard-hitting, which goes hand in hand with the chorus that is succeeded. Not exactly fond of the complete slow-down of the song at the bridge (right after the rap). Though it does give the song more dimension and lead nicely to the final chorus, it makes the song lose its energy. Taecyeon’s rap sequence was the peak, but then it just all disappeared within less of the second and moved back to that piano medley at the start.  However, I did like the buildup during that part, and as I said, it leads nicely to the final chorus. The vocals were amazing. Each of the members shined their own in the recording of the song (the live was a little disappointing and some of their vocals fell flat, in my opinion). That charming and romantic concept were delivered in the lyrics of the song.

The music video shows 2 sides. Junho, Nichkhun, Chansung plays the guys who had broken up with their girlfriends. Wooyoung, Jun.K and Taecyeon play the guys with girlfriends. The song talks about being mature about love and the “promise” to be someone better next time. It seems like the members do play towards that in the video. This was evident for scenes like Nichkhun. He throws the bouquet of flowers in the air, but later one picks one rose up as if it was a sign of change or moving on. Not exactly sure how those with the girlfriends play into it. But maybe these shots are like before and after change?  The rest of the music video looks very elegant and fits in well with the concept. From the sets to what each member was wearing. The only issue was the small dance segments that were scattered throughout. I personally did not like them and thought it felt distant to the rest of the video. The editing between members for these dance shots made it look funny and it is a rather odd thing to have in the video. Also, Jun.K, the new guy in KPOP who can’t seem to keep his shirt on.

Disappointed by the dance. It doesn’t seem powerful. The instrumental is quite hard-hitting and sounds perfect for a more powerful choreography, but the entire dance lacks energy and does even deliver half the energy the song delivers.

Rating – 6.5/10

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