[Review] Mr. Potter – DIA

DIA has made an unexpected comeback with a Harry Potter themed comeback. Where my two favourites in life merge together and become one. How do you think this turned out? DIA previously made their comeback with On The Road just a few months ago.

The song was a major disappointment. Compared with their previous track, this song barely makes it anywhere near. Supposedly Harry Potter themed, the song has the very subtle magical influence when it came to the instrumental. The soft percussion (I believe they are cow bells) was the only there that fit the promises that were made. Besides that, the song becomes the general  and bland pop song. The lyrics contained various Harry Potter spells (only like 5, three of which was towards the start of the song). And I pray the way the girls pronounced the spells were like how Koreans pronounce it. Or else if they were trying the mimic the way English speakers, they completely butchered the words. What’s missing from the song? Maybe appeal, some sort of hook or catchiness. Something that makes the song interesting. The vocals were okay, not the best. The rapping was better but it wasn’t a nice fit with the vocals. The song was just so bland and boring. As I said at the start, a major disappointment.

Not exactly sure if copyright was an issue to the makers of the video, but I would probably say that this video have very cheap and horrible references to Harry Potter. Some of them were obvious, such as the train ride – Hogwarts Express and wands. Others really had me shaking my head in disbelief. Let’s focus on that. Mr Potter = Rabbit. Ugly, grey rabbit. Why not cast a person to the video, who acts as Mr. Potter? It makes a lot more sense than a rabbit. Ouija board? To summon what? The pink sets? To make the video cutesy, when Harry Potter is more of a dark story? Unfortunately, the more I write about the video, the evident it is: this video was a train wreck before it even left the station. I wanted spells, I wanted more of a stronger Harry Potter influence that keeps the elements true to the story. Urghhh… As a Harry Potter fan, I am deeply disappointed. I had such high expectations and it all comes crumbling down.

Suspenders? Harry Potter? What??? About the actual dance, the choreographer is the same person who made Expectation’s dance for Girls Day (hence the use of suspenders and the similar movement). Do I think of it as a rip-off? Yes. Do I mind it? No, not really (I actually think it is the most decent part of the whole comeback). It would have been nice to see an original dance, but given how now I think the whole comeback was planned within 5 minutes….

Rating – 2/10 – Greatly disappointed

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