[Weekly Charts] Week 3 of September 2016

Welcome to the third week of September. The year is going by so quickly. It is quite scary. I am currently overloaded with so much work, which you could tell from the amount of reviews that have been released. But I have no plans to stop at the moment.

Song Ji Eun topped this week’s chart (below) wth her new song, Bobby Doll. Congratulations to Song Ji Eun. Next week will be a very tough week, so I don’t know if Song Ji Eun can hold onto the top spot. With such big names in the charts below that follow Song Ji Eun’s name and the comebacks of artists such as Crayon Pop, A-Pink, GOT7, JungGiGo and Dal Shabet, who knows if the top 5 will even remain the same as this weeks! Can’t wait for it though. May the best artist win!

A lovely reminder of the what the colours in the status column mean.
Green (↑)  – Song has gone up in ranking
Pink (↔) – Song did not feature in top 20 of the previous week, but has re-entered this week’s top 20.
Red (↓) – Song has gone down in ranking
Blue (=) – Song has remained in the same position as the previous week
Orange  (new) – Song debuts on the chart
Grey (Final Week) – Song appears on the chart for its final week.

18th Sep – 24th Sep 2016
Title Artist Status
1 Bobby Doll Song Ji Eun (new)
2 Promise (I’ll Be) 2PM (↑ 1)
3 Carnival Gain (Brown Eyed Girls) (↓ 2) 
4 The Eye Infinite (new) 
5 Russian Roulette Red Velvet (↓ 3)
6 Dancing King Yoo Jae Suk X EXO (new) 
7 Shooting Love Laboum (↑ 5)  
8 Secret Cosmic Girls (↓ 3)
9 Chewing Gum NCT Dream (↓ 5) 
10 Mr. Potter DIA (↑ 2)
11 Fantasy VIXX (↓ 4) 
12 Secret Time Spica (↓ 4) 
13 Lotto EXO (↑ 8)  
14 Body Mino (Winner) (↓ 8)  
15 Aing Oh My Girl (=)  
16 Whatta Man I.O.I (↑ 3)  
17 Do Better Y-Teen (↑ 1)  
18  Stand By Me BTOB Blue (new)  
19 Holup! Bobby (iKON) (↓ 10)
20 Whistle BlackPink (↓ 4) 
21 Love Paint NU’EST (↓ 7)
22 On The Way Home Sunny Hill (↓ 5) 
23 Boom Bah Yah BlackPink (↑ 5)  
24 Still 24K 24K (↓ 2) 
25 That’s My Jam B.A.P (↓ 2) 
26 Alright INX (↑ 1)  
27 New York Mamamoo (new) 
28 If You Ailee (↓ 4) 
29 Stuck Monsta X (↓ 18)
30 Try Park Jimin (15&) (↓ 5) 

No songs will be leaving this week because they reached their 9-week maximum. However, some songs will be leaving because they have not debuted on the  top 30 charts yet, despite being on the charts a number of weeks. They are:

  • Secret – Yuri & Seohyun (SNSD) (Peak: 37)
  • Angel – Mamamoo (Peak: 36)
  • Dab Dab – Mamamoo (Peak: n/a)
  • Curious – Clazziquai (Peak: 38)
  • Full House – MOBB (Peak: n/a)

Thanks for checking out this week’s charts. Tune in next Sunday for next week’s charts. Do check out the latest reviews by scrolling down a little further into the grey area below and clicking any of the reviews under “Recent Posts“. You can also follow the site below or in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. And finally, my Twitter is also located below (just click on the Twitter bird below). Hope you all have a nice week.

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