[Review] One More Day -Sistar & Giorgio Moroder

Sistar has made an unexpected return with a collaboration with the legendary Giorgio Moroder, who (for those who don’t know) is a DJ and artist, who started Italo disco and electronic dance music. Yeah… I have heard of him in the past, but I didn’t know who he is exactly. What a Google Search can do nowadays… On with the review because there is a lot to talk about.

One More Day is one amazing track. The instrumental is smashing. And goes very well with the vocals of the group. The verses sound deep and low, but still amazing. In contrast, the chorus stands out for being more brighter and catchy. Bora’s rap segment is quite short (which is a disappointment) but extremely fitting with the song. Everything strings together quite well. The most important thing of all, you can hear the influences of Europe and Giorgio Moroder in the song, mainly because the instrumental isn’t like any other song from my memory. But despite that, you can hear those international influences, the song still manages to fit in with KPOP and Korea. Just I do have another comment to make. Sistar’s line distribution does it again. Bora’s segment was too short and I felt like Soyu would have added a nice touch to the chorus. The vocals just feel like a simple copy and paste.

The music video is one of those videos that is on a whole new level. So what happens? (I will refer to the short hair girl as A and long hair girl as B). The girls, I assume, are just friends at the start. But as the video progresses along, the girls start to develop feelings for each other. However, while this is all happening, A  is in a relationship of her own (with her boyfriend). This makes the B extremely jealous, which A becomes aware of. From what I also see, A seems to be abused by her boyfriend, which angers B. Especially when the three are together and A’s boyfriend acts all lovey with A. After a night out with B, the girls run into the boyfriend and they get into a scuffle. The boyfriend gets angry at A and slaps her across the face. B gets angry and tries to protect her lover. B grabs a brick, while A grabs wine bottles and the two end up killing the boyfriend (or rendering him unconscious). Knowing it is for the best, somehow they pack his body into a suitcase and wheel to it an empty field. They blow up a car with the suitcase inside and walk away.

The acting here is amazing. The chemistry is quite strong. Throw in the fact that the video contains tabooed topics in Korea,  you can see what level the music video is on. It takes on the social issues that videos in South Korea don’t really refer to, in fear the video and artists are criticised for it. Maybe killing people is not the way to go, but hopefully, this video draws attention to these issues (homosexuality and domestic abuse) in Korea and the world.

Rating – 9/10


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