[Double Review] Still 24K + Bingo – 24K

[This review was written and scheduled a few months back in preparation for my absence in December. The standard posts for the end of the year (comebacks I have missed in November & December, the end of year charts + KPOPreviewed awards will be written and posted after my return. No weekly charts will be uploaded for the last week of November and all of December.]

This is my first time reviewing 24K , so let me give you a rundown of the band. 24K is a boy band under Choeun Entertainment, who debuted in 2012. The group has had lineup changes since debut and currently, the seven members of the band are: Cory, Kisu, Jeonguk, Hui, Changsun, Jihong and Hongseob. The band debuted with Hurry Up and went on to release songs such as Secret Love, SuperFly & Hey You.

Still 24K is a pretty cool EDM track. The instrumental is hard-hitting, upbeat and given you are listening to the song with surround sounds, it would  sound amazing. I like the vocals of the song. The rapping sounds rough, suiting the song, but sounds very staged and manipulated. The chorus is quite simple: ‘Still 24K, Still 24K”, but the instrumentals here are definitely the peak of the song. Bingo is another EDM track that has a much deeper and serious tone to it. It sounds like a little bit of rock is also infused into the song. The vocals and rap in this song are okay. Like Still 24K, Bingo doesn’t have much of a chorus but this time around the instrumental where the chorus should be isn’t that good. It is quite underwhelming and doesn’t sound smooth as the instrumental chorus in Still 24K. I like the ending of Bingo, because it is quite like an adrenaline rush. But that feeling should have been much earlier to make it even better. Just by reading this part of the review, I think you can tell which track I like better (Still 24K).

The two music videos join together to form one large story arc. 24K is a gang that, in the video, conducts heist to steal money and jewlery. Previously, they had visited one of these places to check it out and they find out that it is the jackpot. They start planning for the heist. It seems like the girl, who is in a relationship with the guy with greyhair, doesn’t agree that he should be doing this and they get into an argument. He kisses her, but she doesn’t seem too pleased. As they leave, she makes eye contact with brown hair guy and he nods towards her. They successfully pull of the heist, however the two guys I mentioned get into a fight. As they are celebrating the success, grey hair guy gets a message that says his girlfriend has been kidnapped and that the mysterious kidnappers demand more money. Hence the guys go back. However, the police gets tipped off and a massive gun battle proceeds. The gang barely makes it out. However, they end up facing the kidnappers. The gang end up trading the stuff they stole in exchange for the girl. However, plot twist. She starts laughing, which confuses the gang. It turns out that the brown hair guy from earlier is also in love with her and they both decide to trick the others to get more money. That shocks the gang (like really eye bulging shock). The two opposing sides get into a gun battle and the gang is severely killed. The girl and the brown hair guy leaves and live on. Overall, it is a pretty good story to watch. Another one that is almost movie quality. My main complaint falls onto the second video, Bingo. I don’t mind the flashbacks, but since the first music video  focused on the almost unsuccessful heist already, most of the scenes in the second music video were not needed. Maybe one scene for a refresher. I felt the music video became a little too repetitive because the events were later revisited. But that’s just my small complaint.

Both dances are really cool. I just felt Still 24K’s dance was a little weak for the song (i.e. it was performed quite strongly, but the dance moves themselves didn’t seem strong). Bingo’s dance was perfect for the song and revisited the whip a few times.

Still 24K – 8.5/10

Bingo – 7.5/10

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