[Review] April Story – April

April has also returned with a slight adjustment to their lineup. They last promoted as a 5 member girl group back in April 2016 with Tinkerbell. Hyunjoo was put on hiatus due to health issues and later in 2016, she ended up leaving the group. In her stead, Chaekyung and Rachel were added to the group, transforming the group into a 6 member girl group. They released their 3rd mini album Prelude and title track April Story on the 4th of January this year.

Another great song. This time April has gone with a very nice orchestra instrumental (with the addition of guitar riffs throughout the song) and something that has a grander sound than anything they have released. The group also adopted a more mature sound with this comeback. Vocally, this song gives the girls a little boost in recognition. While there aren’t any high notes, like in their past songs, each member sounded amazing. Well, for the 3 members or so who sung. I watched those line distribution videos once again. And this song probably was the worst line distribution of all time. 1 member got 2 seconds worth of lines and another member got no lines whatsoever. Instead, the majority of the song was dominated by 2 vocalists, who took a combined 73% of the song (Line distribution as my source here). Now I am reading that some of the members may not be vocally equipped or fluent in the language. So why make them debut? It doesn’t make sense. But I guess that can be talk for another day. The song just felt a little underwhelming, if I was to say anything else. Minus the line distribution, I enjoyed the song a lot.

The music video was quite underwhelming as well. Let me start off by getting something off my chest: that hair needs to go. Now that has been recorded and published for the word to see, I can focus back on the review. The video shows the girls as dolls, who seem to be eying the guy. It seems like the girls like the guy and dream that one day they can walk into the door of the store for him to see (i.e. the ending). The plot was okay and quite innocent. Just the video felt dull and unappealing to watch. Maybe given their past videos, I expected something with a little more colour. But then again it is Winter, so the dull filter is in style. And here I am rambling.

The choreography was quite good for the song. It was quite elegant and very classy to watch these girls dance. The ending in the video seemed messy, so the expectation was the stage was going to have a messy ending. But on the stage, it was perfected and they all look in sync.

Rating – 6/10

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