2016 End Of Year Charts

Better late than never, I guess. Welcome to the End Of Year Charts for the year of 2016. This took a little longer to do than what I had anticipated. I do this annually to rank the songs released in the year and see which songs top the year.

As usual, I utilised the original review score, but also re-reviewed the song, videos and performance (where applicable). An increment was given to songs released in the last four months of the year. However, this year’s way of ranking is a little different to previous years. This is because this year I took time out to try to record the number of times I listened to the song (as accurately as I can). Also included is the weekly charts that I did since May (while they weren’t launched until July 2016).

The final addition to this year’s chart (i.e. the weekly charts) also meant that the songs released after May would have been ranked higher than songs released prior to May. One of the few things I observed with the charts. I have also coloured and bolded the songs that I put forward in the KPOPreviewed awards (Part 1 here and Part 2 here) as Best Song of the years to see how they ranked on the charts.

Here are some other facts/rules for the songs to be on the charts:

  • 215 songs were included in the chart (but only the top 100 is published this year).
  • The first song to be included in this year’s chart is iKON’s Dumb and Dumber. The last song eligible to be on the charts is EXO’s For Life.
  • To appear on the charts, the song must have been replayed for over 10 times. Some songs were removed as they failed to make that requirement.
  • EXO had the most songs (6 songs) on the charts this year (Lotto, Lucky One, Monster, Hey Mama, For Life and Dancing King (ft. Yoo Jae Suk)). Mamamoo, Seventeen, BTS, Oh My Girl and VIXX followed behind with 3 songs on the charts each.

So without further ado, I present to you the final chart of 2016.

No. Title Artist
1 Very Nice Seventeen
2 Decalcomanie Mamamoo
3 TT Twice
4 Hard Carry GOT7
5 The Rain Ladies Code
6 Blood, Sweat & Tears BTS
7 Very Very Very I.O.I
8 The Closer VIXX
9 Hey Mama EXO-CBX
10 Sky Dive B.A.P
11 Pretty U Seventeen
12 Secret Cosmic Girls
13 Russian Roulette Red Velvet
14 The Eye Infinite
15 Windy Day Oh My Girl
16 Find Me Hyosung (Secret)
17 I’ll Be Your Man BTOB
18 Confession Astro
19 Playing With Fire BLACKPINK
20 Fantasy VIXX
21 Fighter Monsta X
22 Tell Me What To Do SHINee
23 You’re The Best Mamamoo
24 I Like That Sistar
25 Last Dance Big Bang
26 Why So Lonely Wonder Girls
27 Ti Amo T-Ara
28 Beside Me Davichi
29 Navierilla GFriend
30 Toy Block B
31 Chewing Gum NCT Dream
32 Carnival Gain (Brown Eyed Girls)
33 For Life EXO
34 Boom Boom Seventeen
35 Rough Gfriend
36 Dynamite VIXX
37 Fri.Sat.Sun Dal Shabet
38 Secret Time Spica
40 White Night UP10TION
41 Fire BTS
42 FxxK It Big Bang
43 Listen To My Word (Aing~) Oh My Girl
44 Don’t Believe Berry Good
45 Paradise Hyorin (Sistar)
46 Fly GOT7
47 Give It To Me Seven
48 Stuck Monsta X
49 Save Me BTS
50 Oh NaNa K.A.R.D
51 Feel So Good B.A.P
52 Destiny Lovelyz
53 Lollipop IMFACT
54 Can’t Help Myself Eric Nam
55 Stalker UKISS
56 One More Day Sistar
57 Hit Me MOBB ft. Kush
58 Lucky One EXO
59 Doo Doom Chit Crayon Pop
60 Queen History
61 On The Way Home Sunny Hill
62 Shooting Love Laboum
63 Bobby Doll Song Ji Eun (Secret)
64 Love Is Davichi
65 Ribbon Beast
66 How People Move AKMU
67 Whatta Man I.O.I
68 Monster EXO
69 1 of 1 SHINee
70 Free Somebody Luna (f(x))
71 Take Me Now FT Island
72 It’s Raining Snuper
73 Lotto EXO
74 Journey to Atlantis Laboum
75 Angel Berry Good
76 Knock KNK
77 Nodding Woohyun (Infinite)
78 Liar Liar Oh My Girl
79 U KNK
80 Aphrodite B.I.G
81 Letting Go Day6
82 Home Run GOT7
83 I’m Fine VICTION
84 Here I Am Yesung (Super Junior)
85 Borders Amber (f(x))
86 Lip 2 Lip Nine Muses A
87 Only One APINK
88 Bingo 24K
89 Dancing King EXO x Yoo Jae Suk
90 Body Mino (Winner)
91 Cheer Up Twice
92 Heartbreak Hotel Tiffany (SNSD) ft. Simon D
93 Better Day 100%
94 She Vromance
95 Gorilla Pentagon
96 11:11 Taeyeon (SNSD)
97 Dream Suzy (Miss A) & Baekhyun (EXO)
98 Good Luck AOA
99 New York Mamamoo
100 Somebody Like U Dal Shabet

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