[Review] The Song – Zion.T

Zion.T is a RnB/hip-hop artist who has a very extensive resume when it comes to the South Korean industry. Many of his songs go on to top the South Korean charts. For example, his album is beating out the OST of the trendiest dramas at the moment. That is quite an incredible feat, considering how the OST have such a big influence on the industry. Zion.T recently left Amoeba Culture and is now officially a part of the YG Family.

Not exactly my cup of tea, but it is a good track to listen to. I don’t really listen to Zion.T that much when he sings in songs by himself but I do like listening to his collaborations with other artists. While you can hear the RnB roots in this song, there is a  definite pop influence. The instrumental for this song is quite simple (from what I can hear – I am no expert in composing) and I think this suits the lyrics of the song, which involves him singing about how he wrote this song for his girl (but releases it for everyone to hear – which I guess indirectly references composers who put their life-story into songs). His vocals are very sweet in the song and quite smooth as well. His rapping was quite limited in the song. I would have liked to hear more of his rapping in the song because it compliments the song quite nicely. Honestly, the song felt quite short and while it was three minutes, it felt like it was 2 minutes. Not exactly sure if that is a good or bad thing yet. Overall, do listen to it if you like your RnB. Just expect a little more happiness to the song, especially if you are used to a more emotional sounding Zion.T song (like me).

The video is a little unconventional if I were to put “crazy” into a formal way of writing. Some parts make sense. Others don’t really make that much sense to me. I get the slide scene at the start, where he slides to what seems to be his really long, ball-filled bathtub. Mainly because it was a part of the lyrics. But not too sure about the submarine or the “under-the-sea” scenes. I don’t I was meant to get too in depth with the scenes though as the video goes for a more fun concept, which goes hand in hand with the happiness I pointed out. Some of the sets had that typical YG feel, but overall, the video doesn’t feel like it came from YG Entertainment. Many of their artists who don’t really follow the KPOP route (such as Akdong Musician and now Zion.T) seem to have videos that fit their songs and image more. While that it is expected, it is fresh coming from YG Entertainment. Overall, it is a nice video to watch.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8.5/10 
Overall Review – 9/10

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