[Review] Without U – Romeo

“Romeo is back ~” (if you guys don’t get it, it is the opening for this song).  Totally the right line to use to open this review. This is Romeo’s 4th mini album to date, which is titled as Without U, as well. While Romeo is a lesser known KPOP group,  it usually takes one song to thrust them into the spotlight and Miro is just that song. Miro was released back in June last year (I only reviewed them in December). However, it was not their latest release (before this comeback), as they later returned in August with Treasure.

If you want your pure KPOP fix, this song probably has it all. The first time I ever listened to this song, it reminded me of the bright and vibrant times for boy groups. It has the exact same feel. While I do prefer boy groups with a more tough and dark sound/concepts, it is always nice to have some music that is lighter in sound. It captures the similar song style that the boys have done before. That being said, the song doesn’t necessary show a new side to them, music wise. The instrumental was quite good (love the whistles)  during the chorus)and the chorus was probably the best part of the song. The verses felt a little dry and typical. While the vocals suit the song quite nicely, the rapper felt more suited for that tougher and darker sound. But while I do find some flaws in the song (here comes my hypocritical moment), I actually enjoyed listening to the song. Why? Well, my exact reasons were written at the start of this paragraph. It is a familiar sound that sounds, which is nice once in a while. Actually no, it is much needed, especially after listening and reviewing to all the songs recently released.

The music video is your typical KPOP video. While there is a plot this time around (well, a more understandable one), it is pretty generic. The main couple has a little awkward tension between them. I am a little confused on how they manage to get back together, though. Like he participates in a dance battle and she liked his dancing… So, now what? That ending scene where they just stand there and awkwardly look at each other doesn’t help. Anyway, let’s talk more about the video. The acting of the people in the background looked out of it and they made me cringe a bit. The black and white filter was used to make things look a little edgier and while it did have that effect, the song just didn’t suit it as much. Overall, the video felt generic and bland. I don’t think there is any other way to put it.

I think the video would have been better with just choreography scenes. It is honestly a pretty cool dance, but quite forgettable. Every time I watch the performances, I don’t really remember much at the end. The start (where there are whistles) looks pretty intense, but it does show off their skills and potential. It may not be memorable, but the dance does the job and suits the song quite nicely.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 4/10
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating  – 6/10 

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