[Review] Yeah – BLANC7

BLANC7 are the new kids on the block. They recently made their debut (3rd of March) and are under Jackpot Entertainment. The group is made up of Shinwoo, JeanPaul, Teno, D.L, SPAX, K-KID and Taichi. The group’s debut mini album, titled as Prism features their title track, Yeah. Interestingly, JeanPaul is actually a former member of BTL (which was a group that debut back in 2014 and disbanded when their company closed down in 2016).

BLANC7 went for an EDM-based song for their debut track. And that seems to be the direction the entire industry moving towards the electronic genre. The song starts off quite nicely with a classy vibe (which ended fitting their concept and music video). They then launched into the trap based instrumental. The heavy repeating beat gives off the impression that the song doesn’t have a proper backing. There are softer electronic sounds that sound like they float on top of everything, but the heavy beat gives the song some depth. The chorus adds more elements to the existing beat and with the combination of the “I’m just wanna yeah, yeah, yeah” vocals, it sounds quite nice. The post-chorus keeps the song interesting by adding a different instrumental track. For the bridge, they mix the post-chorus with the rap. And while it manages to do the job, there wasn’t really balanced, and it sounded messy. More me personally, I didn’t like the post-chorus instrumentals. I preferred the clean and much smoother sound the rest of the song. Another thing is that I do find the song lacking. Their vocals seem to just float on top of the music, rather than work with the music. The song lacks the connection between the music and the singing. It doesn’t make the song sound bad or terrible, though. It is still a solid song for a debut.

The music video could have done without the slow motion scenes. They felt highly unnecessary and dulled the already dull looking video. The filter really drained the energy from the song. Combined the two together and you get at pretty boring video. Let’s move along to some positives of the video. It is made up of choreography scenes, which did look pretty good (more on that later). The moving lights and fixed light fixtures as their background looked pretty cool. This is another prime example of a lower budget music video made to look more expensive than what it costed to make. And it looked successful, in my point of view. The overall simplicity of the video made the guys (in their suits) stand out more. 

The dance looked quite cool. While their moves are not groundbreaking, what they have presented in their routine is impressive. Probably the best part was the second pre-chorus section. That made me go wow, for a moment. Judging from this, the guys have great potential in the future. 

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 7.5/10
Performance – 8.5/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10

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