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HIGHLIGHT, formerly known as Beast, have rebranded themselves and returned to the stage with their latest mini album. The group, unfortunately, could not carry over their original group name after leaving the company, as Cube Entertainment had owned the name. Hence, why a new name was needed. And now the group has returned with a smashing new mini album, titled as Can You Feel It?.


Can You Feel It? Album Cover


1..Plz Don’t Be Sad (얼굴 찌푸리지 말아요) (title track) – Click here to view the full review for Plz Don’t Be Sad. (8/10)

2. It’s Still Beautiful (아름답다) (pre-release track) – While I probably will not get around to writing a full review for it, I will go on about how nice this track is. Beast tends to ‘pre-release’ a ballad track before dropping their album, which is what they have done here. And what they have given us is quite beautiful. The soft instrumental doesn’t steal the show. Instead, their vocals that give the song that striking sound, which made me fall in love. Each member sings in this song, further proving the extent of their talents. My only complaint is as the song approaches the end, you expect it to ease out. But instead, it ends quite suddenly, which does catch me off guard. But “It’s Still (a) Beautiful” song. (9/10)

3. The Beginning (시작) – This is the second ballad off the tracklist. It has a more subtle cafe and elevator music vibe to it. Out of all the tracks, I don’t really find it appealing. But that is just my personal preference. Like the other tracks, this is a really good track by itself. The little “twinkle” sounds from the piano does give it a nice touch and of course, the members show off their vocals here as well, but not as much their other tracks on the rest of the album. (7.5/10)

4. Dangerous (위험해) – This is the third ballad-like song on the album. And out of the three, it is probably the best. I freaking love it. The chorus is really damn catchy. It is a beautiful song to just sit down, sway along and lipsync along with it. The chorus, alongside the verses, give the song a very dramatic and serious feel. Junhyung’s raps top the song off very nicely, as well. It doesn’t seem to fit, but it works wonderfully with the rest of the song. This song does show off their vocals as well, but in its own way.  (10/10)

5. Can You Feel It? –  Given the trend, you expect them to finish off with another ballad. But instead, a dance track closes the mini album. As soon as I heard the song, it felt just right. It has everything you expect in a party-themed song. It’s catchy and addictive. And it has a sick beat that is bound to get you in the mood for a little bouncing or dancing. I revisit the entire mini-album just for this one track. Likewise, I feel like their vocals and raps are shown off, but in a more appropriate way that suits this song. (10/10)

Overall Album Rating – 9/10


Can You Feel It? Group Teaser Image


One thought on “[Album Review] Can You Feel It? (9th Mini Album) – HIGHLIGHT

  1. I just happen to stumble upon your blog of reviews, and i appreciate your objectivity. I am a light, a highlight fan so of course i tend to be bias with their songs especially since i couldn’t make myself hearing another kpop band/idol. I’m quite ecstatic knowing this album has great reviews from you since i almost like every songs in it except the beginning. Thank you for consistently reviewing kpop songs, it’s just great to understand an objective point of view about our fav idol group


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