[Review] I Luv It – Psy

Psy has finally returned with his 8th album, 4×2 = 8. For those who don’t remember who Psy is, he is the guy behind the worldwide hit, Gangnam Style. His last comeback was in 2015, where he promoted Napal Baji and Daddy (ft. CL). His latest album features two title tracks, I Luv It (reviewed today) and New Face (review for this will be released tomorrow). He had also enlisted artists Bobby (iKON), B.I (iKON), Taeyang (Big Bang), G-Dragon (Big Bang) and Zico (Block B) who either featured or participated in the production of Psy’s latest album.

I have to be honest, but I Luv It is a really groovy song. It’s another one of those songs that you feel the need to get up and dance. The song falls very nicely within the KPOP sound. The synths in the song are pretty good and they come together to give you an addictive song to listen to. The one thing that I am starting to notice but it follows up from Psy’s past hits. It attempts to deliver something new, but rather it feels very traditional and ‘done before’ (if you know what I mean). The one reason why everyone was drawn to Gangnam Style was because it was different. But here, from the sound (to even the other aspects of the comeback), everything felt similar and ‘done before’. However, that probably won’t stop me from replaying this song over and over again. I honestly did enjoy it and I loved that small Michael Jackson “yoo hoo” in the chorus, which did catch my attention the first time I heard it. Not entirely sure about the changeup of the song where the bridge is usually found, but overall, a truly funky song.

The accompanying video felt like a very Psy centred music video. Mainly because there were a million carbon copies of Psy in the video. But there is that Psy vibe to music videos that appear every single time. And that made it feel like it was ‘done before’. Which is a little disappointing, because I thought he would do something a little more different. That being said though, he invited two big names to this particular music video. Lee Byung Hun, a very famous Korean actor (who has starred in a few Hollywood movies) and the Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen guy, Pikotaro (still don’t know why that became a meme though). Overall, I thought the video was fitting for the song and it was also a pretty good video.

While there is no live performance yet, I think just watching the music video could give me a good enough glimpse into the dance routine. I personally think it has the potential to become another big dance hype. Joining the music, it seems the moves and the song were meant to be. However, I don’t think it would ever reach the level of his other famous dance, mainly because this one looks a little more complicated.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Score – 8.5/10

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