[Review] New Face – Psy

Yesterday, I wrote and posted one-half of the review for Psy’s latest comeback with his 8th album, 4×2 = 8. That review was centred around I Luv It. This particular review is for the other title track of Psy’s comeback, New Face.

Right off the bat, the brass catches your attention. The synths then kick in to transform it into one damn good song. Like most other post-2012 Psy songs, the level of addictiveness and catchiness for this song is quite high. However, the song makes me want more. It lacks bass, which could have transformed into a more impactful and strong song. The different segments feel like the song had multiple sounds smashed into one. But they give an interesting and dynamic appeal to the song, which makes me going back for more. His voice must be noted mainly because it showed different sides to the artist. He has a clear and strong rap voice. But his raspy pre-chorus vocals add to that dynamic feel as I mentioned before and that did make me go “Woah” in a good way when I first listened to the song. While I enjoyed most parts of the song, I felt the “anthem” of the song, where the dance break kicks in and Psy repeats “New Face”, didn’t necessarily have enough hype around it, leaving it feeling a tad dull and empty.

Like I Luv It, this music video also features Na-Eun, the youngest member of A-Pink. She joins the list of female artists who have joined Psy in the filming of the music video, which includes Hyuna, Gain from Brown Eyed Girls, CL from 2NE1 and Ha Ji Won (an actress). And she does a spectacular job with her presence in the music video. She features all throughout, joining Psy in his many costumes. They do act a while, while Psy lip syncs, but when that amount approaches in the song, they both dab for the camera. Honestly, I thought the video was of a great standard, joining the memorable music videos that Psy has released. I did think that the filter or colour of the video was a little off, but it didn’t ruin the video for me. I find the scene where they are on the escalator quite interesting. I wondered what happened when they got to the top.

Like yesterday, we have yet to see a full dance performance of New Face. That being said, the music video features (what I think is) enough to say that this is a pretty cool dance. It looks tiring, but Psy will manage somehow to pull it off, like he has done so with all of his dances. While the dab combo could potentially become another dance hype, the dab seems a little outdated (I sound like an old grumpy person, I know).

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.5/10

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