[Review] Like You – HONEYST

HONEYST is a new KPOP boy band from FNC Entertainment, where the majority of KPOP bands come from. They made their debut in the past week with Like You. The group consist of 4 members: Dongsung, Seungseok, Chulmin and Hwan. The band competed alongside SF9 on the show D.O.B (Dance or Band) to see who could debut first. SF9 won and made their debut last year with Fanfare and now it is HONEYST’s turn.

Given the group’s young age, it would be expected they would go for a certain bright and happy style. And that is exactly what we got here. While it is cliche, the new band does a pretty good job with it. I honestly just started to listen to it today and I am already hooked. The instrumental reminds me of something. It’s like a nostalgic sound that I find very appealing. I just cannot pinpoint what it is. The majority of the chorus is the group repeating the line “Falling For You (Banhagesseo Banhagesseo Banhagesseo)” but it works and has me singing along with it. The whistles added a nice touch but the pickup with the instruments right after the whistle gave the song more of a punch. The vocal work was good, but it felt very generic and it felt very neutral throughout the entire song. I guess that is the one downside to the song. The last few seconds of the song gave it more dynamics and how they ended the song was pretty nice (and that nostalgic feel is back). Overall, a solid debut with a great song!

The music video was okay. It did feel very generic as well, so it really didn’t catch my attention. It’s your standard “confessing to a girl” video type of scenario, just a lot more interactions with the camera and audience, which I thought was nice and different. But what did catch my attention is the scenery that they shot in. This video reminded me many different music videos that were shot in the area. From what I can identify so far: GFriend’s Rough and Super Junior’s Wonder Boy and possibly APINK and 2PM’s latest music videos for Only One and Promise (judging from the buildings). I am certain there are many other videos that I can’t remember at this moment that was filmed there. It is amazing to know how many different music videos you can get out of one location.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 6/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10


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