[Review] Anck Su Namum – Yezi (Fiestar)

Yezi, the rapper of Fiestar, is back with a new solo release. She has previously released tracks like Crazy Dog and Cider, which all showcases a different side to the rapper which you do not get to see while she performs with the rest of the members. This review literally me listening to the song and watching the music video for the first time. I have been extremely busy this week, so I actually haven’t listened to some new releases yet. So, this review will be my raw opinions of the song.

The track has a distinctive exotic sound that you associate with the ancient Egyptians. This would make a lot of sense since the song is based on an ancient mummy and a movie character. But what makes it interesting is that from the very start, the song mixes in more modern sounds to appeal to the audience of the 21st century (hahaha…). And this transforms a ‘could-have-been-used-in-the-background-of-the-museum-exhibit-soundtrack’ to a really powerful and sexy sounding song. The song builds up in a really satisfying way and this leads me to be on the edge of my seat throughout the entire song. Yezi’s rapping has been noted in the past through her appearance of Unpretty Rapstar and my praising in Cider. And she has proven herself once again in this song. I love her delivery in this song. It makes me why Fiestar doesn’t somehow use her skills in their songs more. And it also throws her up there on the list of best female rappers in KPOP. Overall, it is an amazing song which left me in awe when I listened to it the first time. And it continues to do so every time I go back to it.

The video is amazing. It plays nicely into the exotic sound which I mentioned before. The video also shows an extremely sexy side, while still managing to keep up with the intensity of the song. For the most part, the video consisted of choreography scenes, which looked spectacular overall. There are a few closeups, but she looked unrecognisable due to her long hair (I honestly don’t remember when she last had long hair). Nonetheless, she still looks amazing and extremely sexy in the video. The sets may not have been elaborate, but they still manage to look cool. Sometimes the simplistic approach works well and this is an example of that.

Likewise, the choreography deserves its own praise. Once again, it isn’t memorable. But the sexy choreography is somewhat refreshing. It has been a while. It too manages to keep up with the song and its intensity, which it maintains strongly. Talking about strength, the dance, while it is sexy, has a tough side, which matches the rapper’s stage presence and sound.

Song – 9.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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