[Review] Cactus – A.C.E

A.C.E is a brand new boy group joining the Korean music scene. They are under Beat Interactive and made their official debut last month with Cactus. The group consist of five members Donghun, Jun, Wow, Jason and Chan. On a funnier side note, but the group is currently known for their long legs and very short shorts. More on that later though.

While they have an odd title, the song delves into a more intense and bass heavy style of EDM, which actually sounds quite good. The verses feel quite empty compared to the rest of the song, but what they did was used that opportunity to highlight their vocal potential. I personally think that is a smart idea. But when it comes to the chorus and the dance breaks, the song does not hold back with the intensity. It’s perfect for them to show off their dance skills during that massive hit of energy, otherwise known as the dance breaks. It is the type of song that would get your heart pumping at a club. While it does sound noisy and dense, the sound actually works quite well. The more I am listening to the song, the more I fall into it. The instrumental makes it addictive to listen and it gives you that same feeling of being at the edge of your seat, especially the ending. For a debut song, you need to get noticed and they definitely debuted with a song that definitely got me noticing.

The video opens up with the guys being tied up and blindfolded. And then they somehow escaped and started to hold cactuses. As a non-Korean who has not brushed up on his Korean skills despite listening to the genre for nearly 7 years (I know… scary), I have no clue on what’s going on in the video. Moving away from that, the fashion or outfits that they are wearing are quite smart, but some of them look plain stupid. The black and white outfits look very cool and is a play on what they were tied up with at the start. It is as if they ripped themselves from their constrains and went with it. But the red outfits have me questioning thing. Especially the guy with half a jacket. Is it budget cuts or is it art? Overall, the video was confusing, but it looked like something a popular KPOP boy group would release nowadays,

Back to those short shorts. And of course, the performance. Like I said before, the song provided them an opportunity to showcase their dancing skills, which they used very well. Their performance looks as intense as the music and quite powerful at the same time. Not into their short shorts though. But I love the headlines and comments that those shorts gave them.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10

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