[Album Review] SIREN: DAWN (5th Mini Album) – A.C.E

As you may know, I have been fretting about how behind I am with reviews! Well, here is a second album review! It is for A.C.E’s fifth mini-album, SIREN: DAWN, which was dropped in June of this year. It features the title track Higher and four other songs (including an intro track, which I wrote something about but did not include in the final rating). A.C.E also recently returned with a repackaged version of their fifth mini-album (Changer : Dear Eris) more recently, but all tracks on SIREN: DAWN does not feature on the repackaged version. Instead, the repackaged version includes some new tracks and alternative/new versions of some of their past songs. I have decided that I will not review the repackaged version, but I highly recommend the title track, Changer, if you still after an A.C.E fix. Otherwise, here is my review for SIREN: DAWN.

SIREN: DAWN Album Cover

1. INTRO : Miserere Mei Deus (We Fall Down) – How haunting and suspenseful is this intro track. There is always something about orchestral choir that sends shivers down my back, and I feel this intro track really reiterates that feeling. I also felt that the intro track fits in neatly with the concept pictures that were released to help tease this comeback.

2. AtlantisAtlantis is an alternative rock track that is quite consistent through and through. I like the subtle intensity that Atlantis has and I feel that the alternative rock in this song goes in the direction that I like. I also enjoyed the vocals in this song, which were moody and heavy, suiting the song’s tone. However, I wished that Atlantis wasn’t as consistent as it was, and that the climax was more fulfilling. I was mildly disappointed with the climax, as it made the song feel like it didn’t progress or go anywhere. (7/10)

3. HigherClick here to read the full review for Higher. (8/10)

4. Chasing LoveChasing Love started off as a moody R&B track. Nothing that special or mind-blowing, but the vocals and sing-rap were definitely captivating. There was a clear indication that the song was in an incline direction, however what the song ended up developing into was unexpected. The vibrant string synths in the chorus brought in a fresh kick that I enjoyed and was surprised by. I liked how the second verse maintained that vibrancy in its sound, allowing the vocals to build and add flair. The bridge was also a nice pause, with the acceleration to the final chorus being quite satisfying and impactful. Quite a dynamic and catchy track. (10/10)

5. Story – I like the chilled side of Story, which is ultimately a pop ballad. It creates an ethereal atmosphere and is quite alluring to listen to. Story shows off the group’s vocals abilities, which I have highlighted in the past before. In Story, their vocals are breathtaking in this song, especially when they sing together. The harmonies, falsettos and melodies that they bring to life are just so stunning. It also makes for a great album closer and eases you off the album in a very pleasant and nonchalant manner. (10/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.8/10

SIREN: DAWN Teaser Image

[Review] Changer – A.C.E

Excuse me while I skip back and forth on the blog to catch up on reviews. Next up is A.C.E.’s comeback, Changer. It is the title track off their second repackaged album and is titled Changer: Dear Eris. This follows the mini-album that they released back in in June (Siren: Dawn – which I have yet to review, but it’s coming soon) and the title track, Higher. Unlike other repackaged albums, this one is not related to Siren: Dawn. In fact, Changer: Dear Eris features a tracklist of new songs that we have not heard before alongside Changer, such as the Korean version of Down (which was a collaboration that A.C.E participated in with American duo Grey earlier this year) and remixes of Cactus (their debut single) amongst other new tracks. This form of a repackaged album (more so compilation album) might be a temporary parting gift from A.C.E to their fans, as members Wow and Donghun are confirmed to be enlisting later this month. But anyhow, it is new music from A.C.E, so I am not complaining. Here is my review for Changer.

While Changer still falls into EDM realm of music, it is noticeably lighter in tone than comparison to some of their more well known works. This might be due to the more sentimental route their lyrics took, which features a message about staying together forever (which undoubtedly is a promise to fans about continuing promotions as a group after the military enlistment that all the members would need to go through). But saying that, it isn’t an emotional release from the group in the sense that it is heart wrenching or tear-inducing. Changer still manages to put a fun spin on the topic by remaining upbeat and bright. It also brings forth some elements within it that reminds me of A.C.E’s earlier works. Some of it may be subtle, such as the post-chorus, which felt harsh relative to the rest of the song resembling some of their crazier EDM drops from early on in their careers. Others are more obvious, such as the heavy beat that accompanies the more typical tropical synths in this song, which reminds me of their more intense releases. In Changer, this heavy beat as it gives the song some much needed oomph and bite to it. The chorus of Changer was definitely showcased the group’s vocals, with Chan delivering one of the song’s many memorable moments (i.e. the ‘da‘ that he sings at the end of one of his lines). Other memorable moments include the song’s addictive post-chorus hook (which I already mentioned, but requires more attention) that is on repeat in my head after the song wraps up each time, Donghun’s stunning high note at the start of the final chorus and Wow’s rap sequence (which has great momentum). I think everything that I have described so far makes Changer another strong release from the group.

There is no amazing or aesthetically pleasing concept for this comeback that A.C.E had previously teased through their more recent comebacks. But that isn’t at all disappointing. Changer‘s music video looks like it is for fans, as we can see the members having fun with one another and enjoying the company of one another. And given the song’s lyrics, I am sure they are also having fun with their fans in their mind as well (whom have enabled A.C.E the chance to have this opportunity). It definitely suits the groups more lighthearted approach with this comeback and the overall timing before the fast approaching military enlistments that were announced recently. There are also some funny bits that make this video even more special for fans.

For some odd reason, I couldn’t stop smiling at this performance. I guess the song and choreography really comes together to give off such an atmosphere that makes it smile-inducing for me. It is a good choreography overall. Nothing too special or outstanding, but I really like the choreography that is paired with the little extension we got at the end of the song after the final chorus and the post-chorus hook.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.3/10

[Review] Higher – A.C.E

Making their latest comeback today is A.C.E with their new title track, Higher. Higher is featured on their fifth mini-album SIREN:DAWN, which will officially drop tomorrow at 6PM KST. This is the group’s first comeback since the release of HJZM: The Butterfly Phantasy and Goblin (Favorite Boys) in September 2020. Fun fact (before we proceed to the review): This is A.C.E.’s second song with the word ‘Higher’ in the title. The first was Take Me Higher, a single released back in 2018.

When I first played Higher, I found myself torn between two sides. Conceptually, I think it is a good song. But on the other hand, I felt like the song was a bit much. But the more I listen to the song, the more I find myself enjoying the song. I think Higher was produced to be an aesthetic song. There was a lot of contrasting occurring in the song, playing with future bass and progressive house in an alternating fashion. The verses were a lot simpler and softer, whereas the chorus was explosive. Initially, I felt the contrasting was like a like a double-edge sword for Higher. I felt that the chorus was overbearing, especially when you are listening to the song the first couple of times. And these initial listens are very important, as it would be decide whether someone would return to a song or not. Furthermore, especially with the ad-libs at the end of the song, there was a lot coming at you in the chorus. Now, I find the intensity to be a very A.C.E thing to do, as I find myself reminded of the EDM tracks they put out when they first debuted. The common thread between these two distinct extremes of music in Higher are the vocals, which neatly ties together the two halves. So while the song does a lot of contrasting, there is still that bit of cohesion. And the vocals do a good job standing out over the abrasiveness and potentially overpowering energy of the future bass chorus. Though, I do feel that A.C.E treads a very fine line with this aspect. Elsewhere (i.e. during the progressive house sections – verses), their vocals sound quite nice and bring a pleasant stability to the song. I do feel like the song is lacking a rap sequence, which would have given a different dynamic to the song, and could have eased us off the contrasting technique they employed from start to end. One aspect I definitely dislike in Higher is the abrupt ending. Never have and never will. I wished they eased us out, rather than leaving the song hanging. Overall, I acknowledge my initial split thoughts on Higher. But, as suggested above however, I am growing to like the song more, especially thanks to the multiple replays of Higher in order to write this review.

I think it can be agreed on that A.C.E’s music video have become aesthetically pleasing and Higher‘s music video is no exception. A theory for the video has already popped up on YouTube (from Donghun’s beautiful eyes) that I think explains the video very well and matches up with the teaser photos:

Aside from story and aesthetics, I liked the sets (especially the use of the trending platform surrounded by greenery that A.C.E performs on at the end). And some of their outfits look really cool (like what I am presuming to be a sea urchin outfit, worn by Donghun).

With a song that goes between extremes of music, there was also contras between some of their dance moves. Some of which were intense and others looked graceful, fitting for the part of the song they were corresponding to. The mini jumps they do work really well with the lyrics, and their outfits gave the performance a lot of a sensual energy that I am sure fans are enjoying.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8.5/10
Overall Rating – 8.4/10

[Album Review] HJZM: The Butterfly Phantasy (3rd Mini Album) – A.C.E

The next album on the reviewing list is A.C.E’s third mini-album, HJZM: The Butterfly Phantasy, which was released early September (exactly one month ago, to be precise). It is also my first album review for the group, so I am excited to dive into A.C.E’s side tracks. Featured on this album is the title track, Goblin (Favorite Guy), and the pre-release track, Stand By You (which was released back in the middle of this year). Alongside those two tracks that I have previously reviewed, there are three additional tracks to dive into. Let’s get going!

HZJM The Butterfly Phantasy Album Cover

1. Golden Goose – Whilst Golden Goose sounds different to what A.C.E usually releases, Golden Goose aligns with the intensity that we know and love from A.C.E’s title tracks. However, the members manages to infuse a little more character into the song through the hip-hop delivery of their vocals and rapping, similar to how A.C.E’s latest title track differed from the usual highly intense EDM we get. Likewise, Golden Goose opts for strong trap beats and instrumentation. It was undeniably powerful, promising and kicks off the album with a highly energetic track. The track did remind me of SEVENTEEN’s Getting Closer (a song which I really enjoyed) at certain parts. And if it manages to encapsulate that song, then Golden Goose is doing something right. (9/10)

2. Goblin (Favorite Guy) (도깨비)Click here to read the full review for (Goblin) Favorite Guy. (10/10)

3. Baby Tonight (황홀경) Baby Tonight opts for a R&B track. I really like their vocal direction, with raspy and husky vocals being employed by all members. Altogether the song comes off as wholesome and quite warming. It felt like a decent song for the Autumn season. The main chorus hook was catchy and helped make the song quite appealing. It doesn’t stand out as much as the other songs on the album given that it was a more typical sound that we hear often in KPOP. But it was a good showcase of the member’s talents away from the EDM genre of music. (8/10)

4. Stand By You (편지를 써)Click here to read the full review for Stand By You. (8/10)

5. Clover – For the first 20 seconds, the opening instrumental was totally my style. It felt so calming with the acoustic guitar. It felt refreshing and very appropriate for the Summer season that Korea was coming out of. I liked how Clover‘s instrumental became mixed with modern EDM synths. Typical, but still worth listening to it. The pop ballad is enhanced when the members start singing. Their vocals are nicely displayed. Jun’s hoarse voice was just amazing. The rapping was nicely tweaked to fit into the pop ballad genre and didn’t stray away from the main backbone to be its own thing (which tends to be the case with some songs nowadays). The melodies were nice and catchy. Overall, Clover was just a nice to ride out on. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.8/10

HZJM The Butterfly Phantasy Teaser Image

[Review] Goblin (Favorite Boys) – A.C.E

Despite being active for over three years now, A.C.E has yet to breakout. I am certain that the group has built up a reputation that would surely intimidate other Korean acts based on the intensity of their music and the hardcore performances they pair with that music. Yet for some reason, they continue to be flying under the radar. It just leaves me perplexed and confused, given that I (and their fans) know that there is quality right here. Hopefully, that all changes with Goblin (Favorite Boys), which was dropped yesterday. It forms part of their fourth mini-album, HJZM: The Butterfly Phantasy, as the title track. It also features alongside the pre-release single, Stand By You, released back in July this year.

I really do hope that A.C.E has a breakthrough with this comeback. It is awesome! Goblin combines rock and hip-hop together to form a very intense atmosphere that is both captivating and thrilling to listen to. The rap-centric verses open up with a lot of sound effects embedded in the instrumental. The great thing about Goblin is that it doesn’t overdo it, and hence the amount of sound effects we have coming into the song is ideal. Enough to be a wow factor, but not so much to be ‘noisy’. Aside from the instrumentation, the rapping itself is definitely a highlight of this song. The rappers were extremely dynamic and impactful with their delivery. The pre-chorus is more vocal-centric and showcases the member’s vocals abilities. I really like the instrumental during this part, as it makes the song punchier and more epic. To me, the best part of the song is what bridge the pre-chorus/verse with the chorus. That line by Byeongkwan strikes at the right moment and launches us into a satisfying chorus. As for the chorus, the song amps it up but in a relatively refined manner (compared to their more robust and intense drops based on their earlier EDM releases). It is more melodic, as a result, but also thanks to the background crowd-like vocals that form part of the instrumentation. The members then follow up with a post-chorus ‘I’m a goblin‘ hook that prolongs the momentum and energy of the chorus which brings out that satisfaction. We get more vocals in the bridge and a subtle brewing background, before being thrown back into the chorus to close up the song. Everything works extremely well together in this song and this will, no doubt, make Goblin one of the best tracks of the year!

Another music video where the visual game is so strong! It was an expectation coming into this comeback, based on the aesthetic and stunning teaser images that the group had released for this comeback. I am not sure how Korean viewers and fans are reacting to the use of traditional outfits that the members were wearing. But I really liked the mixed between traditional and edgy in those outfits, completely skipping over the modern influence. For the other outfits we see them wear in the video, they seem be a mix of modern and edgy, compensating for that missing influence. I also really like the sets. The flashing lights seems a bit much as a viewer, but it seems like a logical style choice to reflect the intensity of the music video.

For the performance, I liked the aggressive nature of the chorus. It matches the song. And the same can be said about the rest of the performance. However, I felt that the members held back for their first performance, as they looked a tad stiff. I wished this wasn’t the case, as them letting loose and adding additional energy to their moves would have made this performance even better. But I would understand if they did so due to the constraints of performing live. I also felt the amount of dancers they had at the start seemed a bit much.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 10/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9.8/10

[Review] Stand By You – A.C.E

Ahead of the official release of a digital single tomorrow, A.C.E has unveiled the music video for their new release, Stand By You. We last saw the group thought their Savage promotions back in November of last year. Since then, we haven’t heard much from the group. While that is the case for the last few months, it seems like we will be seeing A.C.E more in the foreseeable future. The music video for this release ends with the title card ‘A.C.E: the beginning’, along with the member’s nametags on a window sill. What does this all mean? I guess we will know in due time. In the meanwhile, here is my review for Stand By You.

Stand By You is unlike the songs that I know A.C.E for. For those who are unfamiliar with A.C.E, they are commonly associated with powerful EDM dance tracks. I am not familiar what their side tracks are like, unfortunately, so maybe something a long the lines of Stand By You has popped up before. But for me personally, Stand By You is very different. It is a soft rock ballad that brings out the vocals of all the members. There isn’t much to the song in terms of complexity, which the group is widely known for through their title tracks. The instrumental feels like your typical soft rock track. It isn’t bad in any way. It is rather light and quite calming. It just doesn’t have a unique factor to it, if you were to compare it other soft rock ballads. But this allows their vocals to be in the forefront of the song and the song does an amazing job of showcasing the member’s vocals. The harmonies that come about in the song and the lightness of the song feels very youthful and innocent, which comes into play when I will discuss their music video in a bit. Overall, I quite liked the track. Everything comes together well, giving the song a refreshing tone. Other than the vocals and the instrumental, I don’t think there is enough to make this song memorable. As just a digital single, it could get lost in the mix of various comebacks we expect in the coming weeks. But there is enough for me to enjoy with an occasion listen or if it popped up on my playlist.

The music video is definitely the beginning (or sequel) to something a lot darker. It opens up with Jun narrating over a scene where he is kneeling in the rain, in front of a girl. He says ‘The world rejected me, so I tried to burn it down. But then I no longer had a world. When I opened my eyes, inside the prison that is my heart, I discovered a cactus reflected in a small mirror‘, whilst crying and shivering in the cold. The scene is quite dark, contrasting with the many light scenes that follow. The video then flips to the same girl in a classroom. Interestingly, she is alone and goes to the one table in the classroom. She fumbles around and opens a diary, where a photo flies out. She leans down to pick it up and we then see Jun looking up back at her (and the other members in the classroom). The photo is of all of them wearing coloured skirts and a feathered headband. They plan an outing and we get some sort of indication of the members having a crush on the girl. We don’t know for sure yet, but there seems to be some awkwardness while they plan the outing. The members turn up to school one day with a gold cart and with their female friend, they embark on their trip. The golf cart breaks down and they all set up camp under the stars. It is there they dress up in coloured skirts and a feathered headband. Not sure what this means, but it seems like this all occurred before (based on the photo). The next day, they all turn up onto the beach. While their friend takes in the sights, the members hang back. For a moment there, the members look at her fondly, as if they are all watching over her. She realizes something, turns back and the members are no longer there. She then grabs something from her pocket and becomes emotional about it. This music video definitely brings forward a lot of questions and definitely leaves me intrigued for what is to come.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.4/10

[Review] Savage – A.C.E

A.C.E made their comeback today with Savage, the title track off their third mini-album, Under Cover: The Mad Squad. This is the group’s first comeback since their UNDER COVER promotions back in May of this year. Not a whole heap has happened with the group that I am aware of since their last comeback, so there really isn’t much to discuss in this introduction. So let’s just get stuck right into the review.

There was no doubt that A.C.E would return with another intense EDM track, particularly when the song’s title is Savage. Majority of their title tracks thus far has been EDM based, so there might be some overlapping of sounds which is a rather typical element of EDM. But I am not complaining too much as they do manage to spin the genre in a different direction each time. Last time we heard from the group, I mentioned that UNDER COVER was concentrated form their earlier works. I find this song to be an even concentrated form, localised around the chorus. I was thoroughly impressed with the vocals and rapping in this song, which all worked together in a rather cohesive way to really highlight the intensity of the song. I also find the chorus to be quite harsh, fitting in with the ‘Savage’ title of the song. And while I did enjoy all parts of the song, I was particularly fond of their start. It was playful in a tough manner. And also a perfect lead into the EDM intensity that we know from the group.

The album is titled Under Cover: The Mad Squad. I find the music video to be a great portrayal of this ‘mad squad’. Especially towards the end of the song, with both the entire video shot in a manner that did make them look slightly mad during the bridge. I also really liked their solo shots in this video, which really drew the attention to their visuals. On top of that, their eye contact with me made it much more captivating.

Seeing Chan wearing black shorts throughout the music video gave me flashbacks to their short shorts days. Apart from that uncomfortable trip down memory lane, it is one damn good performance. I really liked how fun the bridge part of the choreography looked. I also liked how they looked like they were allowed to let go during the final moments of the performance, despite still maintain formation and what seems to be a routine (as odd as it sounds).

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8.5/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.4/10

[Review] UNDER COVER – A.C.E

Since the promotions of Cactus and Callin’ in 2017, A.C.E went on a mini hiatus due to each member’s participation on different survival shows. Jun and Chan participated in The Unit (with Chan managing to place ninth and debut as part of UNB); while Wow, Kim Byeongkwan and Donghun participated in MIXNINE (with Kim Byeongkwan and Donghun making it into the final group). As the final groups of MIXNINE were unable to debut due to logistical reasons, A.C.E announced a 4-member comeback (excluding Chan due to UNB promotions) with Take Me Higher last year. Today, the group return with all five members and the title track, UNDER COVER 

A.C.E ditches the light and bright concept they went for in Take Me Higher for this comeback. Instead, the group returns to the intense sound that it debuted with. To be even more accurate,  the group managed to return with a more concentrated version of the intensity we got back then. UNDER COVER‘s instrumental opted for a rock-based instrumental over the usual dance synths to really throw us into the deep end of all this energy and intensity. Given the current industry’s direction, this makes the track very unique and I don’t mind this difference. While the song does allow for strong choreography, the song also managed showcased a lot of amazing vocals. Even the rapping was awesome. Both managed to fit in well with the impactful nature of the instrumental and surprisingly, they were not drowned out in any way. I think the track is a very powerful and hardcore form to mark their return to the stage. I do quite like it and I can expect many repeats listens, especially when I need that instantaneous rush of energy.

I think the music video works really well with the song (with the exception of one section). I liked the edginess they brought along through their red military jackets and the dark nature of some of the shots. I just think the choreography scenes in the tiled white rooms to be ill-fitting. It just felt too bright and colourful for this track. Also, I would have liked the song a little more if they brought down the brightness. I think edgy does well in a darker setting and this could have been showcased a little more. I liked the overlaying of some words on the screen. I thought that gave a possible aesthetic vibe and wished they did more of it throughout the video to really add to this vibe.

No live performances yet. But I think what is shown in the music video is definitely a lot already. The dance moves were pretty amazing as well, complimenting the intense style of the song. It is definitely a powerful routine and probably very hard to pull off while singing live.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating -8.4/10

[Review] Take Me Higher – A.C.E

With the recent news that the supposed male group formed through YG Entertainment’s MIXNINE was not going ahead, a number of the groups associated announced their long-awaited comeback. A.C.E marks their return with their first mini-album, Adventures in Wonderland. The album consists of their previous main title tracks (Cactus and Callin’), along with the latest title track, Take Me Higher. The group has also returned with 4 members only, as Chan is promoting as part of UNB.

If you were expecting something like their previous title tracks (like me), you will be surprised with what the group went with. I don’t want to describe as the song as traditional, but compared with their EDM tracks, this song does sound rather traditional. There are no electronic synths or EDM elements in this song. Instead, it employs more of a pop sound. That ebing siad, I am really enjoying the song (partly due to its unexpected sound). The chorus of the song reminds me of Human Nature feel-good type of song. It just makes you want to smile. On top of that, the song zones right into the vocal abilities of the group and it shows how good their voices are. On top of that, the rapping fitted perfectly into the song. While the rappers tone was deep, it was well-paced to match the tempo of the song, which makes it fit in nicely. Overall, Take Me Higher was a another pretty good song, just not what I had expected.

To match the tone of the song, the video brings on colour and a playful concept. And from the start, it was a nice video to watch. I did notice that some of their outfits in the video seemed to be purposely allowing some skin to show. I personally thought it looked rather odd in this video (though I guess it makes sense for a video released in Summer). But besides that, it was a good video fitting for the song.

Their performance was quite good. On top of that, I think they performed live in the performance I am watching, which seems to be a huge feat, given how jumpy their performance is. I really liked the second half of the chorus when they get into the diagonal formation.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.2/10

[Review] Callin’ – A.C.E

A.C.E is back after making their debut earlier on in the year with Catcus. This time, the rookie boy group opted to a somewhat more normal titled song, Callin’. In a more confusing manner, some of A.C.E members are participating in The Unit, which is a new TV show, like Produce 101, for those who have already debuted. While I don’t know the logistics of this, it makes me wonder how their promotions will fare.

Callin’ seems to be channelling their debut track with a few changes here and there. I am not saying the songs are exactly the same but there are a number of similarities between the songs. Callin’ has slow verses and this allows for a decent build up to the explosive chorus, whereas Cactus launched right into the fast thumping instrumental. In fact, I think the song manages to kick an edgier sound. And it is that change in bpm and edge that makes this track a stand out for me. If you have a decent set of speakers with great bass, this track is bound to sound awesome. Once again, they manage to pair the vocals well with the segments of the song and that the instrumental doesn’t overpower the members when they sing during the chorus. What I feel with most songs currently is that lack of that strong hook. However, the instrumental here will have me coming back for more.

Music video wise, they seemed to have gone all out with a high-quality type of video. And like the song, they manage to incorporate ways to make the music video feel trippy. My personal belief is that there isn’t enough trippiness in the video but that might be disagreed upon by other people. The fast scene changes go well with that faster chorus, which I think it a great aspect of the video. There doesn’t seem to be much to say about the content of the scenes so that basically ends this part of the review.

Like Cactus, the song provides another opportunity for the group to put their dance skills to the test and they manage to pull it off. It was a great performance to watch, especially the final seconds. No short shorts this time, which is a relief.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

[Review] Cactus – A.C.E

A.C.E is a brand new boy group joining the Korean music scene. They are under Beat Interactive and made their official debut last month with Cactus. The group consist of five members Donghun, Jun, Wow, Jason and Chan. On a funnier side note, but the group is currently known for their long legs and very short shorts. More on that later though.

While they have an odd title, the song delves into a more intense and bass heavy style of EDM, which actually sounds quite good. The verses feel quite empty compared to the rest of the song, but what they did was used that opportunity to highlight their vocal potential. I personally think that is a smart idea. But when it comes to the chorus and the dance breaks, the song does not hold back with the intensity. It’s perfect for them to show off their dance skills during that massive hit of energy, otherwise known as the dance breaks. It is the type of song that would get your heart pumping at a club. While it does sound noisy and dense, the sound actually works quite well. The more I am listening to the song, the more I fall into it. The instrumental makes it addictive to listen and it gives you that same feeling of being at the edge of your seat, especially the ending. For a debut song, you need to get noticed and they definitely debuted with a song that definitely got me noticing.

The video opens up with the guys being tied up and blindfolded. And then they somehow escaped and started to hold cactuses. As a non-Korean who has not brushed up on his Korean skills despite listening to the genre for nearly 7 years (I know… scary), I have no clue on what’s going on in the video. Moving away from that, the fashion or outfits that they are wearing are quite smart, but some of them look plain stupid. The black and white outfits look very cool and is a play on what they were tied up with at the start. It is as if they ripped themselves from their constrains and went with it. But the red outfits have me questioning thing. Especially the guy with half a jacket. Is it budget cuts or is it art? Overall, the video was confusing, but it looked like something a popular KPOP boy group would release nowadays,

Back to those short shorts. And of course, the performance. Like I said before, the song provided them an opportunity to showcase their dancing skills, which they used very well. Their performance looks as intense as the music and quite powerful at the same time. Not into their short shorts though. But I love the headlines and comments that those shorts gave them.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10