[Review] A Daily Song – Hwang Chi Yeul

A definite rising star in the industry. That is just one of the few phrases that can accurately describe Hwang Chi Yeul. He debuted in 2007 and basically received no recognition. It wasn’t until 2015 until he started receiving his well-deserved recognition for his vocals through his many appearances on Korean TV shows like I Can See Your Voice and Immortal Song 2. He reached new heights through his appearances on the Chinese version of I Am A Singer, which provided a boost in his popularity.

A Daily Song is your typical ballad and that is all I can say about the song. It has a very generic sound and does have a bit of dryness to it. It does make me want to sway along, but it doesn’t have much to make me go back to it. Despite that though, the instrumental is good. But it is his vocals that hit the ball out of the park for me. Through those TV show appearances, we know what Hwang Chi Yeul is capable of. Listening to this song, those skills and techniques that we hear from the solo artist seemed to be missing. Now, I am not expecting long or extreme high notes. But the song lacks colour in its sounds and felt monotone throughout. Despite that though, his raspy voice does shine in the song and probably is the main highlight of the song. I know I sound disappointed with the song. It is just some of his other songs sound a lot better and are more of the type of songs that bring out his vocals and skills more.

I just want to point out that Hwang Chi Yeul is 34 years old (according to Wikipedia) and here in this video, he plays the role of the rebellious school kid. He has a crush (even though he tried to play it cool at the start) on the girl (who coincidently has a crush on him as well). After she makes a move on him, he turns from the rebellious school kid into the lovey-dovey boyfriend. Turns out that it was all in his head, as he is somehow brought back to reality, where the girl has a family of her own and barely knows he exists. Yet he carries the one thing that he probably did steal from her (as I am assuming that part is true) and that is her cassette tape. Pairing the video with the song, the emotional side of the song is brought out more. Furthermore, even though I am not a romantic K-Drama type of person, the video felt like a mini drama or movie.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 7/10


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