[Review] Outside – Crush ft. Beenzino

One of the biggest names in the K-Hip Hop industry at the very moment is back with a brand new single. Crush, who coincidently crushes digital charts with his recent releases, unveiled his newest track, Outside, which also features Beenzino. I am just going to ruin the review for you right here, but this is one damn good comeback.

Outside is a fantastic song. Crush hasn’t had many (if not any) bright or Summer based songs. I know him for more dark or emotional forms of RnB, such as his tracks like Sofa, Hug Me and Don’t Forget. But this is a different side, and I actually like this sound from him. There is a much brighter feel and fits that Summer feels that I envy at the moment. His signature vocals that everyone loves sound so great here. The chorus is damn good. While there is a very non-mind blowing element, I actually like it. It is easy to get into the groove of the chorus, which actually makes me want to get up and dance (how lame does that sound?). And I love the short sequence that he has at the end of each chorus. I haven’t actually heard him rap that much, so it was unexpected. But it really gives an edgy feel to the song, which makes it even better. Beenzino’s rap fits into the song quite well and it also contributes to that edgy vibe. Overall, totally digging the song.

If there is an award for the most hilarious music video for 2017, this might just be the clear winner. Completely unexpected, given his past portfolio of music videos. I guess this video is the nightmare of pet owners who are trying to figure out if their pet is trying to kill them (i.e. all cat owners out there). But in this case, the dog wants to knock you out, torture you by locking you up in a suitcase and taking your place in all the fun activities of a vacation and Summer. It’s fun to watch a dog head go swimming, hang out with girls, skydive etc. It definitely made me laugh and made the overall comeback much more enjoyable to me. It gives the song a fun side, which makes it a winner in my books.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 10/10
Overall Rating – 10/10


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