[Weekly Chart] 2nd Week of July 2017

I am quite sure I promised myself to post these charts earlier in the day. Somehow that promise slipped for this week and I am now writing this week’s chart post (this post) as fast as I can. I plan to knock off a review for tonight and hopefully I don’t get too distracted. University restarts next week for me so you might see a decline in reviews. I will try to keep up, but like we all know, comebacks are coming left, right and centre.

You know that I do write various posts for this website, not just review. My schedule will be following this for the rest of the year unless specified:
Reviews – As soon as possible
Weekly Charts – Sundays (weekly basis)
Album Reviews – Mondays (weekly basis) – Starting 31st of July
Special/Favourites – Wednesdays (weekly basis) – Already following

Top 5 this week is made up of the following groups: DAY6, Mamamoo, APINK, Red Velvet and T-ARA. But what are their specific order? Scroll down below for the full charts!

Next week will be an extremely busy one with the debut of K.A.R.D and the highly anticipated comeback of EXO. Jung Yonghwa, KNK, Jenyer, Snuper and AKMU are also scheduled to make their respective comebacks. HOTSHOT, who returned on Saturday with their new single, may make their debut on the charts next week, as well.

Also, some things that will help you denote the chart:
Green (▲)  – Song has gone up in ranking
Red (▼) – Song has gone down in ranking
Blue (=) – Song has remained in the same position as the previous week
Orange  (new) – Song debuts on the chart
Grey (Final Week) – Song appears on the chart for its final week.

9th Jul – 15th Jul 2017
Title Artist Status
1 Red Flavour Red Velvet (new)
2 Yes, I Am Mamamoo (=)
3 Hi Hello DAY6 (▲ 10)
4 Five APINK (▲ 3)
5 What’s My Name? T-ARA (▼ 4)
6 Shine Forever Monsta X (▲ 5)
7 Anti Zico (Block B) (new)
8 As If It Is Your Last BLACKPINK (▲ 4)
9 Remember Nine Muses (▼ 5)
10 Camo BOA (▲ 6)
11 Runner UP10TION (▲ 7)
12 Why, You? Park Boram (new)
13 Happy Cosmic Girls (▼ 4)
14 Getting’ By ONE (new)
15 Heyahe ONE (new)
16 Baby ASTRO (▼ 8)
17 Here I Am HALO (▲ 5)
18 Don’t Wanna Cry Seventeen (▼ 15)
19 Party Time Favorite (▼ 13)
20 Why Don’t You Know Kim Chungha (▲ 4)
21 Critical Beauty Pentagon (▼ 11)
22 Artist Zico (Block B) (new)
23 I Smile DAY6 (▲ 5)
24 Wind FT Island (▲ 2)
25 Young & Free Xiumin (EXO) & Mark (NCT) (▼ 6)
26 Cherry Bomb NCT 127 (▼ 5)
27 Archangels of Sephiroth Stellar (▲ 4)
28 Sun, Moon, Star KNK (▲4)
29 Shangri-La VIXX (▼ 6) (Final Week)
30 Signal Twice (▼ 5) (Final Week)

I know I haven’t updated last week’s charts for this section due to the lack of data. And this week, I won’t be able to post the table format of the ‘exiting songs’ for the same reason. However, I can make a small impromptu list for you all. These are the songs leaving the chart this week (and hence won’t appear in next week’s chart):

  • Shangri-La (VIXX)
  • Signal (Twice)
  • Suddenly (Roy Kim)
  • Egoist (Roy Kim)
  • Like You (HONEYST)

Sorry about the various temporary changes to this week’s post. They all should be updated soon and we should expect the original format next week! See you all then!

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