[Review] Gashina – Sunmi

After Wonder Girl’s surprise disbandment at the start of the year, we have heard little news in regards to solo comebacks or activities from the girls. But that is all about to change with the return of Sunmi. She boasts solo singles such as 24 Hours and Full Moon. And with her new management MakeUs Entertainment, which also houses Urban Zakapa, it is exciting to see what she has in-store for her fans.

Unfortuately, I don’t think Gashina had what it takes to top her previous two successful solo songs.  Right off the bat, the song was underwhelming.  I just wasn’t drawn to the song as I were for her other songs.  It might take a bit of warming up to. The instrumental was quite mute compared to the vocals, which didn’t really go well with her vocals.  The drop for the chorus shours have been more intense or gripping.  But it lacked so much energy and felt empty for the entire song. The only element that I did like was Sunmi’s vocals. They did draw some of my attention but it was not enough.  I liked her husky vocals in the song and loved it how her lines were sharp.  It gave, an otherwise dry and bland song, something interesting and defined. 

While the song isn’t to my preference, the music video was totally something that I would happily replay. There was a lot going on in the video. Not too much to be overflowing but enough to make me want to go back and see what I missed out. Sunmi basically lets loose in the video.  The chemistry between her and the camera was no joke.  Something about the blank stars were very intriguing and sexy as the same time.  Sure, the video was a little wacky but everything still manage to come together in the video. From her prancing in the diner to her Grandma style head scarf, everything felt fun. And that made the video feel quite enjoyable.

The performance was actually quite nice.  I love how one second she is smiling in a very cute manner and then the next second she has a acary glare on her face. I think that element came very nicely from the video.  It isn’t the most mind blowing stage ever but her facial expressions stole the show this time around. 

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8.5/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10

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